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Trippy Teaser Video for my Alien Invasion Song “Infected” + Thoughts on 2019 Visuals

Last summer I was experimenting with some interactive visuals with live camera input (as I do) to create an an alien overlay on my face. Was this inspired by John Carpenter’s They Live? Of course it was – haha.

I thought it worked really well for my song “Infected” from my album REBOOT and made a teaser video which I posted on YouTube and Instagram.

“Infected” is very trippy track where an infected human begins to sense they are merging into another consciousness. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and beyond…

Alien Invasion Series

For those new to my music, I have three mostly beat-driven cinematic electronic music albums. REBOOT tells the invasion tale from the human point of view. I Hear Your Signals is the same story from alien point of view with inverted emotional curves. Fear Cannot Save Us is the third album, released in 2014, tells the story of the transformation of a human to an alien hybrid being. In 2019 I released the single “Disconnected” which is relate to this story.

Alien Invasion Concept Albums

Visit my Music to listen to all these works.

Thoughts on Visuals for My New 2019 Performances

Phase 1 – Focus on Music and Collaborate with Others

I’m preparing a new show for 2019 to perform many new songs I’ve composed (like “Disconnected”) and to bring back some songs from these previous albums that I’ve never played live. See my home page for events info.

For earlier shows with this set of songs I’m just going to focus on the music and collaborate with visuals artists where possible.

For example, My first performance of this set will be at the Mountain Skies festival at White Horse, Black Mountain just outside of Asheville.

For this festival I’ve asked the amazing Michael O’Bannon to do my visuals. Michael had done some of my visuals in the past at Electro-Music NY I’m really excited to collaborate with him again. You can see a photo and video of a past performance where he provided visuals below.

Phase 2 – Incorporate New Visuals & Still Collaborate with Others When Possible

After I’m satisfied that I have a solid set on the music side, I’ll circle back and start working on original visuals. I have many new ideas on the look feel and technology behind this which I’ll blog about here in the future.

That being said I love collaborating so I look forward to also doing some shows with other visualist even after I have my own companion visuals.

By Mark Mosher

Synthesist, Composer, Producer, and Multimedia Artist | Founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol

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