(Modulate This) Synth: FAW Circle

FAW Circle 1.1.5 with 64-Bit Support Now Available

Circle 64 Bit OSX & Windows Update

Future Audio Workshop has released an update to Circle.

With the latest release of Circle, we are finally happy to announce that we are 64 Bit ready on both OSX and Windows. This latest release is hot out of beta testing and ready for use in your music. Thanks to everyone for your patience while we prepared this release.

I’ve been using it for quite a while and used it to create custom patches to create the theremin-like leads on all my albums. It’s oscillators sound great when making these pure tones. Here are a few examples.

You can hear it at the 2:06 mark in “Arrival” from the album I Hear Your Signals.

You can hear a variation on this doubled with ElectraX at the 0:20 mark in “New Heart Beating” on my album Fear Cannot Save Us.

Of course Circle has a much larger sonic range than this but I wanted to illustrate how it cuts through the mix. Circle is also a great teaching synth and synth for custom sound design because of it’s unique modulation system with interactive visual feedback which I discuss in this older post Future Audio Workshop Releases Circle, A Software Synthesizer that Focuses on Flow and Ease Of Use

Circle is an incredible value at $69.00 / €49.00. For more posts on FAW Circle on Modulate This visit

Visit the official web site here

mark-mosher-fear-cannot-save-us-cover-final (550x550)Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician Boulder, CO
www.FearCannotSaveUs <<< New Cinematic Electronica Album

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