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Learn new things and support Modulate This! by using links below. I only recommend items I’ve read/watched and find helpful. If you find Modulate This! helpful in general you can also:



After these I’ll be watching: Max for Live Advanced


    Video Tutorials



I tend to document my many hours of research in Mindeister maps and post maps on my public channel.   I do recommend mindmapping so if you want to give it a spin consider using this link for a 30-day trial which helps offset my Map hosting fee.

Below are recent and popular maps:

  1. Controllers and Synths that Support Polyphonic Aftertouch
  2. What’s New In Ableton Live 9
  3. What’s New In Ableton Live 9.1
  4. Ableton Live Education Resources
  5. Elektron Octatrack Video Tutorial Index
  6. Elektron Octatrack LFO Destinations
  7. Synthesizers with Comb Filters
  8. U-HE DIVA Synthesizer: OSC & Filter Anatomy
  9. Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer 411
  10. How to Start a Synth Meetup
  11. More here…




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