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Music Monday: “… At The End Of It All” by (Chase Dobson)


This week, my Music Monday pick is the new album … At The End Of It All by friend and fellow Denver-based artist Chase Dobson (aka

chasedobsonI got to know Chase through the Ableton Colorado User Group and have enjoyed watching his career take off on the Ableton front. In 2011, he was the Playback System Technician for Mike Posner’s tour and is the Ableton Programmer for Dia Frampton‘s (2nd place finisher on the TV Show “The Voice”) upcoming tour in support for Blake Shelton.

… At The End Of It All is Chase’s second full-length original album and is loaded with beat-driven instrumental electronic songs. Behind the big glitchy up front drums are great sounds, sub-woofer stressing basses, and textures that will transport you to a dystopian setting. The production quality is fantastic.

My personal favorite track “As If December Never Happened”  which starts off with an ambient piano intro. The song really takes off when glitched-out beats kick in. Act 3 of this song transitions to a pulsing ethereal movement. In this section – at 3:13 – there is a looped element with radical loop length changes taking it from glitch to tonal. Awesome!

The attention to detail within the slices, the way Chase works the space around the slices, and the careful balancing of each piece with dark tonal pads are what makes this album stand out for me.  Listen, to the track “Airport [Never_Land]” with headphones on and and you’ll hear what I mean as the sliced elements morph in tonal character throughout the piece.

I’ll leave it to you to discover more sonic surprises and subtle melodic motifs for yourself.  You can listen to a preview and buy the album up on Bandcamp. Pass it on…



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