Music Monday: New Album Event Horizon by Twyndyllyngs


Twyndyllyngs is an electronic music duo made up of Bill Fox and Howard Moscovitz who are both a big part of the community. This album is available as a digital download on Bandcamp.

“This album was recorded live at Event Horizon on September 22, 2011. If you burn a CD with 0 seconds between the tracks, you'll be able to hear this album as intended where tracks 1 – 3 run together and tracks 4 – 5 run together.”

I’ve embedded the bandcamp player below so you can get a preview of this wonderful album. I encourage you to support this indie art with a  a buy using the button in the embedded player or  over on

Mark Mosher
Electronic/Experimental Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer

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