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Image-Line Takes On Melodyne with Newtone Pitch Correction Plugin

Image-Line just posted a preview video of a new pitch correction plugin called Newtone. According to their news page, “The final version will have full toolbars and work as a FL Studio native plugin.” – I’m assuming this means the plugin will be released in FL Studio 9.5.

Watch embedded video

Between 2002 and 2006 I used a variety of music software such as FL Studio, Sonar, Project 5, Acid, and Ableton Live. I actually used FL quite a bit during that time. As Live matured, I eventually switched to Live 100%. Since FL updates are free I do tend to a keep a copy of of it on my system. Also, many of my favorite plugins and instruments were converted to VSTs so I do use Image-Line tech in my Live rig.

For me Newtone could make FL Studio more relevant in my rig. Of course  VST version would be even better. Bottom line, Newtone looks like an a very affordable option to get Melodyne functionality into the hands of FL users and users of other hosts via Rewire.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder CO

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