(Modulate This) Blofeld ONE PATCH PERFORMANCE Sound Design

“Blofeld LFOs Gone Mad” – One Patch Performance Series


In the past I’ve posted “One Patch Performances” series tracks as videos. I decided to add Soundcloud as an additional publishing method for posting these short performances as I really like it’s timeline-based commenting system.

Blofeld LFOs Gone Mad”
For this performance I am playing Blofeld factory patch H005 DCS3 Bubbles and I’m changing modulation parameters in real-time. This preset has interesting modulation routings in that LFO 1 modulates the speed of LFO2. Mod wheel controls speed of LFO1.

I think this performance also shows off the huge sonic range of the Waldorf Blofeld. Using this one preset and modulation, the Bolfeld produces timbers that are bell-like, bubbly, wet, warm, harsh and metallic. I’m also using knobs and keyboard scaling to control motion. It’s just an amazing synth. See my annotations on what I'm doing across the timeline.
Blofeld LFOs Gone Mad on Soundcloud by MarkMosher. Download embedded MP3.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

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4 replies on ““Blofeld LFOs Gone Mad” – One Patch Performance Series”

hi Mark, this might be a dumb question but which do you prefer: Blofeld or DSI Tetra. I’m on a budget and can’t make up my mind. I think from what I am hearing that Blofeld has better pads, while Tetra sounds a bit crunchier and has more aggressive sounding arpeggiators. Blofeld sounds warmer to me actually even though it’s not analogue.
sheesh…i’m confused! what’s a synth porn addict to do!?


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