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World Debut of New Songs from the Upcoming Thomas Dolby Album “A Map of the Floating City” + “The Singular Thomas Dolby”


Thomas Dolby is the guest DJ this week on the Wired Playlist Podcast (link launches iTunes). In this podcast, he offers a sneak peak at 2 1/2  songs from his first album of new material in 18 years – A Map of the Floating City.


In the podcast he debuts the songs “The Toad Lickers”, “Oceaneer”, and part of “To The Lifeboats” He’ll release the album as 3 downloadable EPs followed by a physical CD and full album release.

Interestingly, the podcast was broadcast from the wheelhouse of a restored 1930’s life
boat located off the coast of the North Sea (his new studio). The
podcast was powered by wind turbines. Visit the link to his blog at the
bottom of this post to learn more about this interesting studio space.

In other Thomas Dolby related news, he’s also just released The Singular Thomas Dolby. The press release describes this as:

This 2-disc CD and DVD (PAL) collection features all Thomas Dolby’s singles and videos. It is released in the UK on May 18th 2009 and is available worldwide as an import.

1-Urges (3.41)
2-Leipzig (3.52)
3-Europa And The Pirate Twins (3.19)
4-Airwaves (3.45)
5-Radio Silence (3.50)
6-Windpower (3.53)
7-She Blinded Me With Science (3.40)
8-One Of Our Submarines Is Missing (5.12)
9-Hyperactive (4.12)
10-Dissidents (edit) (3.52)
11-I Scare Myself (edit) (4.59)
12-Fieldwork (London Mix) (4.04) with Ryuichi Sakamoto
13-May The Cube Be With You (3.50)
14-Airhead (3.43)
15-Hot Sauce (3.18)
16-My Brain Is Like A Sieve (3.58) (Bill Bottrell single remix)
17-Close But No Cigar (4.08)
18-Silk Pyjamas (3.04)
19-I Love You Goodbye (4.34)

1- Europa & the Pirate Twins
3-Radio Silence
4-Windpower (Live)
5-She Blinded Me With Science (3.43)
6-One of Our Submarines Is Missing (Live)
9-I Scare Myself
10-Fieldwork (with Ryuichi Sakamoto) with Ryuichi Sakamoto
11-May The Cube Be With You
13-Hot Sauce
14-Close But No Cigar
15-Silk Pyjamas
16-I Love You Goodbye
Bonus tracks
17-Hyperactive (12” version)
18-Fieldwork (12” version) with Ryuichi Sakamoto
19-Hot Sauce (saucy version)


Mark Mosher

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