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Reader Poll: Which Virtual Instruments Do You Own?


In the coming months I’m planning on releasing FREE video tutorials on sound design with virtual instruments as well as FREE presets for virtual instruments. To help me pick which instruments to focus on please take a minute out of your day to take a poll.


Mark Mosher

9 replies on “Reader Poll: Which Virtual Instruments Do You Own?”

Thanks for the detailed reply. I’ll checkout the synths you mention.
I used FL Studio for years. FPC is a very quick way to create multipsampled kits for sure. I’m 100% on Live now and one big reason is Racks.
Live Racks and Live Drum Racks are fare superior in that you can assign instruments (including vsts) to pads, as well as chains of instruments to a pad. So you can achieve velocity switching in various ways.
1) Drop a rack on a pad. Drop 3 instances of simpler one for each velocity. Create a zone that maps each instance to a different velocity
2) Drop an instance of Sampler (an add on that costs) on a pad. Sampler supports multisamples.
Some of the Live Packs use a special verion of Simpler which supports multi-samples.
So checkout these videos:
and the Session drum video here


Hi, thanks for replying, didn’t expect that 🙂
Actually I’m using FL Studio as my sequencer (tips welcomed) but if Ableton expands their drum racks to have multiple layers on each pad, I might switch over. (Since layering drums is the foundation of my production, I need a low-cpu native drum-plugin that allows you to put multiple sounds on the same pad and adjust the sounds with layer-filters and amp envelopes, which FL’s drum plugin, the FPC, doesn’t have, which makes it not-very-useful for me and most users, unfortunately).
As far as synths go, my favorite free plugins are Krakli’s S3k, and Novakill’s Angstkiller, though just having Novakill’s plugins open does seem to cause occaisional random audio glitches (about once every ten minutes the master audio stutters, not a good thing to happen in the middle of a recording take). MinimogueVA is good, though I don’t understand all the knobs, and I’ve been exploring Audjoo’s Helix. I have the freeware version that was available before they released their polished commercial version. That would be my “monster synth”.
My all-time favorite, if I had to pick one, would be RichmanCM,(as you can guess by the name it was on an issue of ComputerMusic Magazine, but another edition, the Richman2, is available via Krakli’s blog), which I will recommend downloading because it’s very unique and sounds like real instruments, like plucked strings, but I have gotten saxophone-y synth sounds out of it. You can get sounds that sound like they came from a custom-built acoustic instrument, and they’re high quality. All around it’s a great synth.


I actually don’t own any of those (or any commercial SYNTH-type plugins really) so of course I’m going to say that it would be cool if you did a tutorial(s) on your favorite free one maybe?


Hey Mark,thanks for all the great stuff it’s really helped especially the Axiom/Ableton tutorial!
What about considering these three instruments
1 Green oak Crystal
2 Toxic Biohazard
3 Astralis orgone CM


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