(Modulate This) Synth: Predator Synths & Instruments (Virtual)

What’s New and How To Upgrade To Rob Papen Predator 1.5.1, Blue 1.8.1 and RG 1.0.1



Rob Papen has released updates to Blue, Predator and RG. All three virtual synthesizers have the following new preset browsing features:

  • "Quick Browse" is a new function that allows you to quickly browse through preset.
  • "Recently Browsed" allows you to easily rind the presets you tried out previously.
  • "Favorites" allows you to quickly collect you favorite presets.


Predator 1.5.1 Update (web site | buy from Musicians Friend)

Blue 1.8.1 Update

To upgrade use download link here

Additional RG 1.0.1 Updates 

  • Sequencer Preset Menu: Sequences can now be selected by click in a sequencer preset menu.
  • Currently loaded Sequence is displayed
  • Keyboard sequence / chord / notes pressed is displayed
  • Bug fixes
  • To upgrade to RG 1.0.1

Mark Mosher

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