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Coming in October – The Ohm Real-time MIDI Performance Instrument
Livid Instruments has a fantastic looking controller called Ohm which comes in two models, Wood, and Metal. I created a Flash app above that allows you to toggle between the two models.

Looking at the pictures, the build quality looks incredible. This is reflected in the price which is $899, although they are offering Ohm at an introductory price of $790.

Here is a summary of features:

  • Backlit for use in any environment, and comes in rugged rackmount metal or handcrafted mahogany.
  • Both MIDI out and USB connectivity and has the controls you need for any MIDI compatible software.
  • For VJs and Musicians
  • Marketing copy specifially mentions "Ohm users will find it to be highly intuitive and adaptable to music generation with programs like Ableton Live®, and FL Studio®
  • A patent pending two-handed layout with a center button array is ergonomically designed for multichannel performance.
  • Backlit LED controls feature a thirty-six button clip bank, onboard function controls, effect mute buttons, BPM tap, high-quality faders and knobs, and a DJ-style crossfader.

Set to ship at the end of October, they are taking pre-orders now. Even if you are not interested in this controller, you may want to check out out their website becuase they have some other interesting controllers as well as VJ products.


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