Tone2 Releases Icarus 1.1



Last year I did a post on Tone2 Icarus wavetable synth beta. Tone2 has followed up the official release with a Icrarus 1.1. There was already lots of value in this synth power house and 1.1 update will further expand what’s possible with Icarus and speed up your workflow even more.


Here is a video of highlighting some new features.

List of What’s New

New features:

–   Drag&Drop support: Drag LFO/ENV and drop it to a knob to create a matrix entry for modulation.
–    Right-click on a knob opens a menu where you can assign modulation sources.
–    Modulation depth control on top left of a knob if a source is assigned.
–    Sectors on knobs show the modulation amount. Clipping is shown in red.
–    Hovering the mouse over a knob shows the current parameter value and modulation source.
–    The buttons of OSCs, Filters, LFOs, ENVs, which are inactive are grayed out.
–    Responsive GUI with tooltips.
–    New waveform display mode ‘Hypersaw’, which shows the detuning of the oscillators.
–    Help->Show version info.
–    Mouse cursor changes on editing halftones in arp.
–    Right click on a knob->reset initializes to the default value.
–    Visual feedback if a button in the wavetable editor is pressed.
–    TRIG button for the LFO section.
–    New sync mode for LFOs ‘Arp/LFO soft trig’ which retriggers monophonic LFOs after 1 second of silence.
–    New sync mode for LFOs ‘Arp/LFO classic trig’, which allows to set free mode for every LFO individually.
–    SEMI knob for the OSC section.
–    New matrix target ‘Filter Balance’. It’s useful to control the relationship of the filter volumes when two filters are routed in parallel.


–    Drawing custom shapes with the STEP LFO is more comfortable.
–    Better work-flow.
–    Enhanced performance of the knobs.
–    Parameters are more easy to adjust.
–    Patch rankings are only stored when the user clicks on the stars.
–    Display mode is now ‘smart’ and tries to auto-detect the right one.
–    Polished some graphics.
–    Reduced RAM requirement. More instances can be loaded in 32-bit.
–    Many other small enhancements for the user interface.
–    Quick save is more smart.
–    Category is rotating for a more comfortable patch browsing.
–    Workaround for buggy hosts which submit duplicate noteOn commands. The Arp does not longer produce hanging note.
–    Legato is more easy to setup.
–    Drag&Drop of a wav sample to the OSC display can now create a new resynthesized patch.
–    LFOs are more smart.
–    Mousewheel on Arp notes now selects octaves


–    MONO in the LFO section has been replaced with TRIG.
–    Enhanced automation parameter naming
–    On initializing a new patch the default mode is set to ‘Arp/LFO soft trig’.
–    OSC Punch and OSC Keyfollow button have been moved to SETUP.


–    Matrix source ‘Filter Env’ sometimes didn’t work.
–    Removed a glitch from ‘Alien Spaceship Mac.fxp’
–    The browser of the Mac 64 bit version sometimes did display the stars of the first patch incorrectly
–    Clicking below Vocoder in the wavetable editor did open an abandoned menu

Icarus v1.1 offers adding mod sources in two new ways:

1) Drag&drop :

– Select one of the 4 envelopes or LFOs.
– Click and hold on ENV or LFO.
– A line appears that while still holding the mouse button could be dragged to the knob you like.
– A green line means that using that ENV or LFO is OK for that parameter you currently hover. A red line mean it is not usable there.
– Release the mouse button and the ENV or LFO will be assigned to that knob (or release over an empty part of the GUI to abort).
– The new modulation is added to the mod matrix and you could adjust the mod amount there.
– The mod amount/range is also displayed within the knobs, in a lighter color than the knob.
– Right-click on a knob and click on “remove modulation” to remove it.

2) Right-click menu:

– Right-click on a knob to choose a mod source from the drop-down menus.
– The new modulation is added to the mod matrix and you could adjust the mod amount there.
– The mod amount/range is also displayed within the knobs, in a lighter color than the knob.
– Right-click on a knob and click on “remove modulation” to remove it.


This update is free for existing users and 100% downward compatible with v1.0.

Download link PC:

Download link Mac:

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