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Patch Notes on My Ableton Live 11 MPE Factory Sounds + Live 11 MPE Tips

Ableton Live 11 released back in February so I’m a bit late with this post. I had the pleasure of contributing a teeny bit to the release of Live 11 as a freelance consultant and sound designer – woo hoo! I worked on MPE related sounds and ended up with 4 sounds in Live 11’s […]

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Video Original Ableton Wavetable Preset “Numbers” on Push 2

A quick post to share a video of a new original preset that’s in progress on the most amazing @Ableton #Wavetable#synth. This one is inspired by Kraftwerk and it called “Numbers” ūüėÄ. #SaturdayNightSoundDesign.

(Modulate This) Synth: Icarus

Tone2 Releases Icarus 1.1

  Last year I did a post on Tone2 Icarus wavetable synth¬†beta. Tone2 has followed up the official release with a Icrarus 1.1.¬†There was already lots of value in this synth power house and 1.1 update will further expand what’s possible with Icarus and¬†speed up your workflow even more. Video Here is a video of […]