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My Synth Blog Modulate This! Turns 10 Today


It’s kind of hard to believe really – but my synth Modulate This! turns 10 today!!! I’ll go ahead and repeat what I said in this year’s birthday post...

Modulate This! turns 10 today!

Some highlights for the last year include..

A few select highlights over the last 9 years…

I looked back through some of my previous posts celebrating past birthdays and found something I wrote at year five…

Through Modulate This! I’ve been able to create and share ideas.  Modulate This! has also let me meet and connect with other artists and those passionate about electronic music technology who I would have never met otherwise. And now my art is better for it and my life is richer.

This couldn’t be more true today. So here is to another year of articles and meeting even more synth friends!

I’ll close by saying thanks to you for reading, your positive comments,  subscribing, and your donations

Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Musician, Composer, Performer
Boulder, CO

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By Mark Mosher

Synthesist and Multimedia Artist

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