New Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 Software + Maschine Studio Controller


Well I was just about to close the lid on my laptop and I saw the above photo
on facebook page! Yes folks, that’s the brand new
Maschine Studio. Well I jumped right over to their site and found a preview
article loaded with photos and details of this new hardware along with details
on Maschine 2.0 software. Rather than scrape their article I’ll send you right to the source:

To make sure I wasn’t getting punked,  I started looking for some other
sources and  did a twitter search and found more posts on the topic  including
this post from Maschine Masters
which had a photo from the Sweetwater Pro Gear Catalog (credit to credit DJ
Illustrious-MPCForums). The funning thing is this catalog just arrived at my
house today and I started flipping through it and I put it down 1 page before the new Maschine hardware  page – doh!

Well I have the catalog back open and now and sure enough on p. 225, there is
the Maschine Studio! Click the image blow to pop up a high-resolution version.

image from

Here is some info from the catlog listing for Machine Studio:

  • Price $999
  • Comes in Black or White
  • Mashine 2 software was unlimited gruops (yeah!), insert FX, sidechaining, tag-based browser
  • Maschine now ships with Massive, Prism, Scarbee, Mark I and Soid Bus Comp.
  • Go read the article above if you want more detail as they do a great job covering this in their preview. I will mention that article mentions a new drum synth.

Another thing that is apparent from the Sweetwater ad is the displays can not only be used for level meeters but also retain their ability to display waveform data. 


Still no word on the Native Instruments site on all this at the time of this writing. I also didn't find any demo videos yet so let me know if you find any with a comment below. Also the product is not up on Sweetwater's online store yet so ship date is not clear. 

If things didn't get lost in translation, the Amazona article indicates  existing Machine MKII and Mikro users will be able to upgrade to the new software. So at this early stage of things, it looks NI is positioning Maschine Studio for – well the studio – and Maschine MKII and Mikro for preformance on the go. 

Update: Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music was actually at the Native Instruments office and has just posted hands-on-preview here.

If you'd like to following along on future posts and see past posts on Maschine use this category link:

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