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Native Instruments Video: Announcing Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0

Just saw this video on Create Digital Music’s “Hands-on Visual Tour: What’s New in Maschine 2 Software, Maschine Studio Hardware“ post and wanted to pass it along. Man the screens look gorgeous and NI really is doing some interesting things with the displays and the visual feedback.

Watch embedded video

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Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
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(Modulate This) Maschine

New Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 Software + Maschine Studio Controller


Well I was just about to close the lid on my laptop and I saw the above photo
on facebook page! Yes folks, that’s the brand new
Maschine Studio. Well I jumped right over to their site and found a preview
article loaded with photos and details of this new hardware along with details
on Maschine 2.0 software. Rather than scrape their article I’ll send you right to the source:

To make sure I wasn’t getting punked,  I started looking for some other
sources and  did a twitter search and found more posts on the topic  including
this post from Maschine Masters
which had a photo from the Sweetwater Pro Gear Catalog (credit to credit DJ
Illustrious-MPCForums). The funning thing is this catalog just arrived at my
house today and I started flipping through it and I put it down 1 page before the new Maschine hardware  page – doh!

Well I have the catalog back open and now and sure enough on p. 225, there is
the Maschine Studio! Click the image blow to pop up a high-resolution version.

image from

Here is some info from the catlog listing for Machine Studio:

  • Price $999
  • Comes in Black or White
  • Mashine 2 software was unlimited gruops (yeah!), insert FX, sidechaining, tag-based browser
  • Maschine now ships with Massive, Prism, Scarbee, Mark I and Soid Bus Comp.
  • Go read the article above if you want more detail as they do a great job covering this in their preview. I will mention that article mentions a new drum synth.

Another thing that is apparent from the Sweetwater ad is the displays can not only be used for level meeters but also retain their ability to display waveform data. 


Still no word on the Native Instruments site on all this at the time of this writing. I also didn't find any demo videos yet so let me know if you find any with a comment below. Also the product is not up on Sweetwater's online store yet so ship date is not clear. 

If things didn't get lost in translation, the Amazona article indicates  existing Machine MKII and Mikro users will be able to upgrade to the new software. So at this early stage of things, it looks NI is positioning Maschine Studio for – well the studio – and Maschine MKII and Mikro for preformance on the go. 

Update: Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music was actually at the Native Instruments office and has just posted hands-on-preview here.

If you'd like to following along on future posts and see past posts on Maschine use this category link:

Mark Mosher 
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer 
Boulder, CO


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Synth Performance Video: Behind-The-Scenes “Dark Signals” Soundcheck from 8/23/2013 Concert at Dairy Center for the Performing Arts


Here is a behind-the-scenes video from my August 23rd show at the Dairy Center for the Performing Arts in Boulder Colorado.

The video was shot at my sound check by fellow performer and Electric Trombone player Darren Kramer using GoPro. The audio is from GoPro camera.

At this show I’m using Abeton Live to do for live sequenced playback. For live play, For this song called “Dark Signals” (from my second album I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS)  I’m using a my Remote SL MKII  Keyboard along with Maschine (custom template in made with Control Editor) to play instruments in Live racks. As you’ll see in the video I’m using pressure from the pads to modulate this synths.

Photo from Tech Rehearsal/Sound Check from Dairy Center for Performing Arts Electronic Music Concert

AudioCubes are receiving light commands via MIDI CCs from Ableton Live. I
never use on-board sounds in Tenori-On and instead use it as a
controller and pump MIDI into synths hosted in Ableton Live.

The visuals are based on live camera input processed in Resolume. The Resolume system receives controller and automation from the Ableton rig via MIDI. I’m using the house projector to display my visuals on a screen that’s the width the of the stage!

Photo from Tech Rehearsal/Sound Check from Dairy Center for Performing Arts Electronic Music Concert

It’s a little hard to tell from this video because audio is from GoPro, but the sound at this show was amazing thanks to Gannon Kashiwa who owns and operates GK:SOUND at the TARDIS in Denver. I’m working on a 3 camera edit from footage from the actually show performance which will have audio from the board – so stay tuned.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
Boulder, CO

(Modulate This) Maschine Synth: Zebra 2.x

NI Maschine Tip: Setting Default Plug-in Parameters for VST / AU


One of the best features of Maschine is it can host third party VST/AU plug-ins. Instruments and effects are assigned to modules at the pad, group, or master level. The plug-in parameters are exposed to Maschine in the order the manufacture specifies and auto-assigned to pages in groups of 8. You then use the left and right arrow buttons to scroll through the parameters in groups of  8.

You can custom configure the parameters assigned to each knob by right-clicking on the knob in the software and selecting “Learn Plug-In Parameter” followed by changing a control in the plug-in to link it to the knob. There also menus for cutting and pasting to change the auto-assigned order

If you want to save custom settings as the default for the plug-in by selecting the modulate pull-down then clicking  “Save As Default…”. Then the next time you insert the plug-in in the current project or future projects it will remember the settings.


For example, using this technique you can map the 8 performance parameters of Zebras 4 X/Y pads to the first page on Maschine. So now every time you insert an instance of Zebra, you get instant expressive control.

Mark Mosher
Boulder, CO
Synthesist, Composer, Performer

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Learning Maschine

Saintjoe from also runs the site He was kind enough to set me up with an account. I've spent a few weeks out on the site watching tutorials. I found the videos to be super informative and the quickstart 101,201 videos really shortenned my learning curve. Highly recommended if you want to get up to speed quickly and understand Maschine's features and workflow. The workout videos were also inspiring.

You can check out some free tutorials here.You can become a member for $9.95/month. For this you get:

  • Access to the current tutorials and resources on the site
  • Access to the constantly growing database of new tutorials, tips, and informaiton.
  • The ability to make custom tutorial requests so your exact questions get answered
  • Instant chat support for questions that can’t wait!
  • Access to structured basic, intermediate, and advanced
    “courses” for those that want some initial information in an organized
  • Access to search by keywords, category, or topics, for those that like to learn by “grab and go” 
  • A built in note taking system so you can take notes
    on any tutorial and save them for later to your personal dashboard. You
    can also bookmark any tutorial for quick access at any time. Build your
    OWN reference resource that is customized to what you want and need.
  • Exclusive workouts and challenges designed
    to help you solidify your knowledge of Maschine and put into practice
    the tools and information you learn. 
  • Any and everything added to the site in the future for as long as you’re an active member.
  • A new monthly stimulus drum kit for the first 12 months sponsored by KicksAndSnares Corp 
  • Private members social network & community with chat, groups, forums, music uploading, video posting, and more
  • Exclusive VIP interviews with various producers, performers, and product designers.
  • More exclusive VIP downloads and deals sponsored by companies like diginoiz, fatloud, traumah drums, p5audio, mvploops,, sample magic, loopmasters, and more.

Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Composer, Performer

(Modulate This) Maschine

On Board With Maschine

All my old on-the-fly drum machine programming and playing chops are coming in very handy... shift-pad menus FTW.

A quick post to mention I'm on on board with Maschine. The photo above is of my white Maschine MKII. The nice thing about being late to the party is that there are a lot of great tutorials and articles about maschine already. After a few weeks of use I've transcnended most of the worfklow and already using it for new materail. In future uposts I'll share some helpful resources I've come across and will also do some posts on how I'll be using Maschine in my 2013 rig.

Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Composer, Performer