Back from Electro-Music 2011 Festival: Audio Recording and Photos from Live Performance + Highlight Photos

Photo by Hong Waltzer

I’m back from New York and I’ve had a few days to decompress and pull together some media from an epic weekend of electronic music at Electro-Music 2011 Festival in NY. This was my second year and it was really great seeing friends I met last year plus meeting new ones.

Rather than do a show report like I did last year, I’m going to trickle out some posts on the experience, do some posts on artists I met while there, and also follow up on some technology I came across.  In this first post I’ll focus on my performance and some highlight pictures.

I had such a blast playing my set. Here is the set list.

  1. “Dark Signals” from I Hear Your Signals
  2. “I Can See Them” from I Hear Your Signals
  3. Activate” from my forthcoming album
  4. New Heart Beating” from my forthcoming album
  5. "Control Zone” from I Hear Your Signals
  6. “Sleeper Agent” from my forthcoming album
  7. “Resolute” from I Hear Your Signals
  8. “First Orbit” from I Hear Your Signals

All concerts were broadcast as real-time audio feeds worldwide via including mine. Below is an audio recording of my entire set unedited as it was broadcast. The set is about 28 minutes long so if your short on time, grab the MP3 and listen later. Mosher Live at Electro-Music 2011 Festival, NY 9/9/2011 by MarkMosher

Thanks to Damon Mar (live mix), Adam Holquist (live stream mix), Project Rouri (Visuals) and Special thanks to Paul Harriman for making the stream and possible and giving me a copy of this file!

John Morley was kind enough to shoot these awesome photos while I was playing. View the embedded slide show on Flickr.

Here is a Flickr set with some general highlight photos from the festival.

I’d like to close by thanking the festival organizers and all those who came to the set and listened on the live stream.

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