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Electro-Music Festival New York is September 11-13 – Listen to Live Stream

11879186_10153307475058884_388863743674783836_o (1)

Electro-Music Festival New York is next week. I can't make it this year but it looks like another great lineup.

I first went to this festival in 2010 and have been 4 times total. This festival was a life changer for me as I went just as I was starting out as a solo electronic music artist (after 13 years of gigging in a rock band). I met so many amazing people and saw so many inspiring performances!  If you want to know what it's like read my show report from 2010.

For more information visit

They are Live streaming the event. Listen here there is a chat room link top right on this page.

Mark Mosher

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Ring in the New Year with the New Years Eve Concert Live Streaming Event


Members from the community from all over the world be be performing live streaming concerts on January 31st.

Tune in here

Times on poster are GMT, but if you visit this page you’ll see the times translated to your local time

Live chat room is here

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Tickets Now on Sale for Electro-Music 2014 Festival and Conference in NY (Sept. 5-7)


This year’s Electro-Music NY Festival and conference is on September 5-7, 2014 at the Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot, New York.


The electro-music(TM) festival is the world’s premiere event for experimental electronic music. Now in its tenth year, this three day conference/music festival includes concerts, seminars, demonstrations, jam sessions, a swap meet, and a laptop battle. The scope is very broad, covering all aspects of electro-music: experimental electronic music, circuit bending, computer music, electro-jazz, modular synthesis, musique concrete, improvisation, algorithmic composition, multi-media, visual art and much more. The focus will be on participant involvement, sharing, community development, audience education, and great music.


This will be my 7th Electro-Music event and my 4th time at the the NY version. Getting involved with Electro-Music festivals is one of the best things I’ve done as a solo artist. It’s just an amazing event where you’ll see and hear some amazing performances and forge life-long friendships with other artists.

Cinematic Electronica with Invader Cam Set

I’ll be flying out to this show from Boulder to play my Cinematic Electronica set with Invader cam. Here is a video of the song "New Heart Beating" from my new album Fear Cannot Save Us.

A.I. Winter Set
I’ll be playing a set as in a brand new duo called A.I. Winter with Atlanta-based artist Michael O’Bannon.

Ai winter 01

A.I. Winter is a self-appointed harbinger of the progress of Artificial Intelligence toward world domination.  It imposes its musical interpretations of cosmic machine consciousness on the world at large. To learn more about A.I. Winter visit the microsite


If you’d like to learn more about what this particular event read Show Report: Electro-Music 2010 Festival in Huguenot NY. I’ve also setup a category on Modulate This! for posts related to all Electro-Music events

Here are some really cool photos from past events.


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Video of “New Heart Beating” Performed Live at Electro-Music Asheville 2014 Festival


In May I performed a set at the Electro-Music Asheville 2014 Festival. Here is a video of the song "New Heart Beating" from my new album Fear Cannot Save Us.

The album version of this song is available on:

This song was performed using Tenori-On as a MIDI controller and live sequencer driving racks for synths hosted in Ableton Live. The visuals are generated on-the-fly using live camera input as the only source with real-time visual FX.

Thanks to:

[project ruori] ( for close-up video footage
Paul A Vnuck Jr. for opening still photo
Greg and Hong Waltzer for hosting such a wonderful event
Edward B Siedzik for running sound
Anna E Siedzik-Torres for running lights

For more photos from this event check out this – Show Journal & Photos from Electro-Music Asheville 2014 Festival.

Mark Mosher

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See You at Electro-Music Asheville Fest This Weekend


If you live in or near Asheville, NC I hope to see you this weekend at Asheville Electro-Music.

Learn More here

Mark Mosher

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Electro-Music 2012 Festival in NY Sept. 7-9


Electro-Music 2012 Festival Is Almost Here

The fantastic lineup for Electro-Music 2012 Festival has been announced. This wonderful event is held at the Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot, New York so if you live nearby I recommend you check it out. If you’ve never been, read my show report from my first trip here.

If you can’t make the event, make sure you mark your calendar and tune into the live stream a

More info and tickets at

See You At the Festival

I’m excited to announce I’ll be returning to Electro-Music 2012 Festival in NY for the third year running. Here is a blurb for my events that will appear in the program.

Friday Sept. 7, 10:30 PM – Expressive Visual Controllerism Concert
In his third year at Electro-Music, Mark will continue to explore the boundaries of controllerism with Ableton Live coaxing even more expressive real-time performances out of his various virtual synthesizers. It’s all about original sci-fi techno songs and experimental improvs filled with classic and signature synth ear candy performed on keys, grids (Launchpad/Tenori-On), Theremin, AudioCubes, and Lemur.  Visual feedback FTW!

Saturday Sept. 8, 4:00-5:00pm – Creating and Controlling Signature Sounds
with Camel Audio Alchemy
Alchemy offers a great blend of performance features combined with deep synthesis, sample manipulation, resynthesis, granular synthesis, and built-in FX. There is also a mobile app that can act as a wireless multi-touch controller for Alchemy on your computer.  The goal of this talk is to shorten your learning curve so you can start creating your own expressive signature sounds for production and performance. Topics will include: Anatomy and signal flow, programming walk-throughs, tips on incorporating field recordings into patches, overview of modulation mapping, overview of FX, and performance mapping.

A Look Back at EM 2011

Playing the song "I Can See Them" live.  I'm controlling 4 dimensions of at the same time. Visuals behind me are by artists Project Ruori who are processing a live camera feed. Photo by Hong Waltzer.


The photo above is of from my 2011 performance and was taken by Hong Waltzer. Checkout out more photos from 2011 here. Below is a live recording of last year’s concert (downoad mp3 here).

I hope to see  you at the show.

Electronic Musician, Boulder CO

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Tune in Saturday June 23rd to the Electro-Music Summer Solstice 2012 Online Streaming Concert 3pm-3am GMT


Mark your calendars as the Summer Solstice 2012 Online Streaming Concert is this Saturday, June 23. Tune in to for great music from 3PM – 3AM GMT/UTC.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder CO

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Photos of My Recent Tour of Moog Music Factory While at Mountain-Skies Electro-Music Festival #celebratebob

Self-portrait out front. Note Moog is right downtown.

A few weeks back I was in Asheville, NC to do a play and attend the Mountain-Skies festival. On Friday morning  May 11th, the participants of the festival were invited to tour the Moog Music factory. I thought I’d share I’d share my photos to help celebrate what would have been Bob Moog’s 78th birthday. A big thanks to Greg and Hong Waltzer for setting up this tour.

Of course this is something I’d always dreamed of doing so I'm wearing my "kid in a candy store" grin as I entered the showroom. The showroom is filled with Moog products that you can try hands-on.

I can't belive I'm here. Fantastic!

We also got to go behind-the-scenes into the factory. Below is a photo of Moog Voyagers being burned in.

Voyager's burning in

Note that ALL Moog products that ship world-wide are made in this one factory and are hand-assembled. So running at full production that means about 4 voyagers a day. Of course they run at much higher rates of production with smaller less complex products.

The tour then takes you through shipping and the loading dock through to the Moog Studios where they film all those groovy promo videos.

Drawn to massive rack

The whole touru took about 45 minutes and I took quite a few photos of the whole experience which you can view the set on flckr or via the embedded player below. See photo titles for a description for each picture (“Show Info” when running the player full screen). Enjoy! Oh and, don’t forget, you can help keep Bob Moog’s legacy alive by contributing to the

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder CO

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All Day Today – Electro-Music Radio Autumnal Equinox 2011 Online Streaming Concert


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer
Official Web Site:

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Back from Electro-Music 2011 Festival: Audio Recording and Photos from Live Performance + Highlight Photos

Photo by Hong Waltzer

I’m back from New York and I’ve had a few days to decompress and pull together some media from an epic weekend of electronic music at Electro-Music 2011 Festival in NY. This was my second year and it was really great seeing friends I met last year plus meeting new ones.

Rather than do a show report like I did last year, I’m going to trickle out some posts on the experience, do some posts on artists I met while there, and also follow up on some technology I came across.  In this first post I’ll focus on my performance and some highlight pictures.

I had such a blast playing my set. Here is the set list.

  1. “Dark Signals” from I Hear Your Signals
  2. “I Can See Them” from I Hear Your Signals
  3. Activate” from my forthcoming album
  4. New Heart Beating” from my forthcoming album
  5. "Control Zone” from I Hear Your Signals
  6. “Sleeper Agent” from my forthcoming album
  7. “Resolute” from I Hear Your Signals
  8. “First Orbit” from I Hear Your Signals

All concerts were broadcast as real-time audio feeds worldwide via including mine. Below is an audio recording of my entire set unedited as it was broadcast. The set is about 28 minutes long so if your short on time, grab the MP3 and listen later. Mosher Live at Electro-Music 2011 Festival, NY 9/9/2011 by MarkMosher

Thanks to Damon Mar (live mix), Adam Holquist (live stream mix), Project Rouri (Visuals) and Special thanks to Paul Harriman for making the stream and possible and giving me a copy of this file!

John Morley was kind enough to shoot these awesome photos while I was playing. View the embedded slide show on Flickr.

Here is a Flickr set with some general highlight photos from the festival.

I’d like to close by thanking the festival organizers and all those who came to the set and listened on the live stream.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer
Official Web Site:

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Electro-Music 2011 Festival in NY is a Week Away. Press Release, Ticket Info + Watch for Twitter Updates


One week to go before I head off to the Electro-Music festival. It’s remote location at Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot NY has limited cell signal (it is a retreat center after all), but I’ll try and offer some live tweet coverage on

If you are in the NY area you should try and come. Press release is below and my show report from last year is here.


The electro-music festival, known as the "Woodstock of electronic music," is the world's premiere event for experimental electronic music. Now in it's seventh year, this year's gathering features three mind-bending days of innovative electronic music concerts, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, jam sessions, video art, a laptop battle, and a swap-meet. Action starts at 1pm on Friday, September 9 and runs until after midnight on September 11. Musical activities will be running continuously throughout the three days of the festival.

electro-music 2011 takes place at the Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot, New York. On-site lodging and meals are available. Tickets range from $35 for a single day to $360 for a 3-day pass including meals and lodging.

More information, including a complete schedule of events can be found on the web site at:
You may also contact us at event [at]

A wide variety of instruments and musical styles will be represented, ranging from theremin to analog modular synthesizers to home made devices, from classic space music to abstract electronica to world beats.

The following artists will be performing:

Acoustic Interloper Hunter and Harrison Norton Antivirus
Adamon Hylantown Michael O'Bannon
aether generator Kevin Kissinger Joo Won Park
ArtCrime Andrew Koenig PYXL8R
Audio Mace Richard Lainhart PAS
Azimuth Visuals Loop B redgreenblue
Brainstatik Lost in the Funhouse RoDo Jede
coloringpad Machine Eat Man Project Ruori
Delicate Monster Mayakara Slippage
Jeremy dePrisco Mirador Symmetry
DES Modulator ESP The Table
Robert Dorschel Mosc Technicolor Travel Agency
dRachEmUsiK Mark Mosher Thin Air
DrumLab Music From The Film Transistor Club
Fringe Element MusicMan11712 Twyndyllyngs
Paul Harriman MyOwnYoko Woodswalker / Genetique
Jack Hertz Northern Valentine xeroid entity

Seminars and Workshops:
Darren Bergstein – The Notoriety Unit
Jez Creek – Nord Modular Performance Patches
Jeremy dePrisco – Reason/Record
Robert Dorschel – Going Virtual
Paul Harriman – Eigenharp demonstration
Shane King – Logic on Stage
Kevin Kissinger – Etching Printed Circuit Boards
Damon Mar – Current Controlled Modular System
Howard Moscovitz – Ambiophonic Sound
Mark Mosher – Ableton Live Real-Time Performance Tips
Michael O'Bannon – Sound and Music from Brainwaves
Mohamed Ragab – Experimental Music in Egypt
Charles Shriner – Concepts in Free Form Improvisation: Creative Conversations or Tower of Babel?
Rick Scott and Robert Kulik – Thwarting Time's Arrow
Greg Waltzer – Structured Improvisation Workshop
(informal) – Circuit Bending and DIY Workshop

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I’m Returning to Electro-Music 2011 Festival to Play, Talk, and Jam with the 9 Box

I’ve been officially accepted to play a set and do a talk at Electro-Music 2011 in NY. The festival takes place from September 9-11. More links at the bottom of the post.


Looking Back at Electro-Music 2010

I had a great time at the festival last year and I’m really looking forward to returning so I thought I’d share some photos and video from last year, and offer some info on the festival in case you were considering going.

Here is a photo and video and from my show last year taken by Jeremy DePrisco.


Watch embedded video

Here is a shot of the groovy shirt from the festival which also shows a list of artist who performed last year.



Quick Overview

Once again the festival will be at the remote and beautiful Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot, New York.Checkout my detailed review of the 2010 Festival here.


Just to give you a feel I’ll share an excerpt from my review:

Because the festival was in a more remote location than in past years there was little opportunity for walk-in spectators. The upside of this is that most of the attendees were experts. By expert, I mean seasoned artists with over 10,000 hours of experience and in some cases decades of energy put into their craft. As a result the vibe was amazing. Have you ever seen the SciFi channel show Eureka? It was like that for electronic music. It didn’t seem intimidating for newer artists either, as everyone was also very open and willing to share ideas and talk in depth about their work. There was a huge diversity in styles, performance, and approach and a whole lot of passion!

More Themed Jams in 2011

I’ve been checking in ever few weeks to see how the schedule is shaping up. I noticed on a recent update that they will have many themed jams this year. So far they have: space jam, open jam, noise jam, technicolor jam, DIY jam (following the DIY and circuit bending workshop), and AudioCube jam.


9 Box at Electro-Music 2011

I’ll be bringing along a 9 Box System for performance, improvisation, and spontaneous tribal jams with music, sound, and light and I know at least one other artist is bringing his AudioCubes along for the AudioCube jam.


Hope to See Your There

I met a lot of great people last year and saw some amazing performances and I’m looking forward to meeting more Modulate This readers face-to-face this year.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer
Official Web Site:
Listen/Download Albums:

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Live Video of My performance of “First Orbit” at Electro-Music 2010

Here is an excerpt of my performance of the song “First Orbit” from I Hear Your Signals at Electro-Music 2010. Thanks to Jeremy DePrisco for sharing this video with me. Audio is from camera mic. By the way, if you were at the show and have video or pics, contact me as I'd like to post more.

This song is performed using Percussa AudioCubes and a Novation Launchpad.

Watch embedded video.

Here are some other pictures Jeremy took during the my set. I love this next shot. I’m palming an AudioCube and modulating 4 parameters at the same time.




These next shots were taken during setup and sound check with the houselights still up. During the show you couldn’t see all the cabling.


Checkout my previous post “Back from Electro-Music 2010 Festival” for more pictures.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO

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Show Report: Electro-Music 2010 Festival in Huguenot NY


I just attended and performed at the Electro-Music 2010 festival in NY. It was my first time at this festival and I thought I’d share a “show report”.

The marketing copy from the Electro-Music site describes the Electro-Music festival as follows:

Dubbed the "Woodstock of Electronic Music" by the Philadelphia Inquirer, it features three full days of musical performances, video art, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, and jam sessions…These events have been noted for their incredibly diverse assembly of talent, enthusiastic support for innovative and unique artists, and overall positive, cooperative and fun atmosphere.”

Did the festival live up to this description? Absolutely! It was just fantastic and I’ll definitely try and get back there next year. Before I go into detail I’ll just say up front that if you are passionate about electronic music in any way, you’ll find something at this festival for you.

Electro iPhone 081

The festival started in 2005 in is an outgrowth of the world-wide community. The festival has rotated through various locations throughout the years. The first few years were in Cheltenham PA, then it moved to Kingsport TN in 2008, Bloomingdale NJ in 2009, and this year was at the remote Greenhill YMCA retreat in Huguenot, NY. This site is also a sleep away camp for kids.

All the events were in one building the main lodge which was really convenient.

Electromusic01 197

As you can see from the next picture, the site was simply gorgeous. Of course being electronic musicians we spent a lot of time all our time inside :^).

Electromusic01 175

Ticket options were a 1 day pass for $35 a day, or a 3 Day pass for $350 which included lodging and meals. I’m really glad I opted for the 3-day pass as this allowed more time to get to know other artists as well as share meals.

Lodging and Meals 
 Electro iPhone 088    Electro iPhone 082 
For those who opted for lodging, it was a fun flashback to summer camp. When we checked in we received sheets, wool blankets, pillow, pillow case, washcloth, towels and soap and were assigned a building and a room mate. Each room had it’s own bathroom and shower. The room was plenty decent enough considering I was up till like 1:00 a.m. every night and just used the room for sleeping. There was too much going on to be hanging out in the room.

Electromusic01 196Three meals a day were served out of the camp kitchen. The food was good camp food. This ended up being a great place to catch up with folks you met throughout the festival.

Venue and Format 
As you can see from the image below, the format staggered concerts and ran parallel to lectures in the library. There was a jam room in the basement and Stage 2 was used for jams in the mornings as well.
Electromusic01 113

In addition to these events there were DIY projects, laptop battles (the winner got to play Sunday night on the main stage) and more.

Basically, I got up at 8:00 a.m. and was busy till 1:00 a.m. every day!