Electro-Music 2011 Festival in NY is a Week Away. Press Release, Ticket Info + Watch for Twitter Updates


One week to go before I head off to the Electro-Music festival. It’s remote location at Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot NY has limited cell signal (it is a retreat center after all), but I’ll try and offer some live tweet coverage on http://twitter.com/markmosher.

If you are in the NY area you should try and come. Press release is below and my show report from last year is here.


The electro-music festival, known as the "Woodstock of electronic music," is the world's premiere event for experimental electronic music. Now in it's seventh year, this year's gathering features three mind-bending days of innovative electronic music concerts, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, jam sessions, video art, a laptop battle, and a swap-meet. Action starts at 1pm on Friday, September 9 and runs until after midnight on September 11. Musical activities will be running continuously throughout the three days of the festival.

electro-music 2011 takes place at the Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot, New York. On-site lodging and meals are available. Tickets range from $35 for a single day to $360 for a 3-day pass including meals and lodging.

More information, including a complete schedule of events can be found on the web site at:
You may also contact us at event [at] electro-music.com

A wide variety of instruments and musical styles will be represented, ranging from theremin to analog modular synthesizers to home made devices, from classic space music to abstract electronica to world beats.

The following artists will be performing:

Acoustic Interloper Hunter and Harrison Norton Antivirus
Adamon Hylantown Michael O'Bannon
aether generator Kevin Kissinger Joo Won Park
ArtCrime Andrew Koenig PYXL8R
Audio Mace Richard Lainhart PAS
Azimuth Visuals Loop B redgreenblue
Brainstatik Lost in the Funhouse RoDo Jede
coloringpad Machine Eat Man Project Ruori
Delicate Monster Mayakara Slippage
Jeremy dePrisco Mirador Symmetry
DES Modulator ESP The Table
Robert Dorschel Mosc Technicolor Travel Agency
dRachEmUsiK Mark Mosher Thin Air
DrumLab Music From The Film Transistor Club
Fringe Element MusicMan11712 Twyndyllyngs
Paul Harriman MyOwnYoko Woodswalker / Genetique
Jack Hertz Northern Valentine xeroid entity

Seminars and Workshops:
Darren Bergstein – The Notoriety Unit
Jez Creek – Nord Modular Performance Patches
Jeremy dePrisco – Reason/Record
Robert Dorschel – Going Virtual
Paul Harriman – Eigenharp demonstration
Shane King – Logic on Stage
Kevin Kissinger – Etching Printed Circuit Boards
Damon Mar – Current Controlled Modular System
Howard Moscovitz – Ambiophonic Sound
Mark Mosher – Ableton Live Real-Time Performance Tips
Michael O'Bannon – Sound and Music from Brainwaves
Mohamed Ragab – Experimental Music in Egypt
Charles Shriner – Concepts in Free Form Improvisation: Creative Conversations or Tower of Babel?
Rick Scott and Robert Kulik – Thwarting Time's Arrow
Greg Waltzer – Structured Improvisation Workshop
(informal) – Circuit Bending and DIY Workshop

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