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Mark Mosher is a composer, producer, electronic musician, and multimedia artist from Boulder, CO.  Mark is also the founder of the Modulate This! Blog & The Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. He releases and performs cinematic electronic, experimental, dark ambient, dark techno, musique concrète, and glitch music. He performs as a solo artist and in collaborations The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble, (no) poem,  AI Winter, and The Denver Synth Drone Collective – both locally and at events across the country.

Mark is a an expert at Live production and performance software by Berlin-based Ableton and has been invited to do artist talks and master classes on it’s use in the studio and for live performance.

With over 20 years experience in hardware synthesis, Mark’s favorite instruments are Elektron Octatrack, Elektron Analog Four, Nord Lead 4, and Waldorf Blofeld.

In 2017 he was named one of  “Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists” by Westword Magazine. He was one of the first electronic music artists to perform at The Dairy Center for the Performing Arts Performance Space in Boulder recognized by Westword Magazine’s 2014 Best of – “Best Experimental Mix.

He is also known for his interactive visuals based on live camera input and projection mapping and was a runner up in Denver Westword Magazine’s Best Visuals for Experimental Music 2016.

Select appearances include:

For 12 years he has been demystifying synths & inspiring people’s “inner sound designer” with his blog He is the founder of the 600+ member strong Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. In 2017 he won Best Music Meetup and was mentioned as a featured artist in the Best Ambient Showcase.

He has released  7 original electronic music albums and 2 companion sound sets. These works are driven by an original Scifi back-story. The tracks are cinematic in nature and perfect for helping you tell your own story via movie trailers, and for sync to picture. Note –  Reboot (2009), I Hear Your Signals (2010), and Fear Cannot Save Us (2014) are an alien invasion concept trilogy.

Here is a taste of some of Mark’s beat-driven works…

Mark’s song “Flight” is an example of his cinematic score work. The song is in the special features of the DVD/Blueray and CD soundtrack of the film One Six Right.

In addition to cinematic works, Mark is also immersed in the vibrant experimental music scene in Denver which is reflected in his 2017 release Sonic Encounters Volume 01 which contains over 2 hours of dark ambient, avant-garde, sound art,  and musique concrète tracks.

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