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Mark Mosher is a Experimental Musician & Multimedia Artist rom Louisville, Colorado just outside of Boulder.

Experimental Musician

Mark plays, composes, and improvises original music spanning from experimental cinematic soundscapes to techno using hardware and software synthesizers, samplers, and effects. He plays keyboards, isomorphic grids (Ableton Push 2, Launchpad), MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) controllers (Sensel Morph), and gestural controllers (Percussa Audio Cubes, Theremin).

Multimedia Artist

Mark has been a multimedia artist for over 10 years performing visuals for his own work and in support of other live events. He also creates multimedia videos which he presents on YouTube and at museum exhibits. As a live visualist, he uses Resolume on a Windows laptop performing with various MIDI controllers and grids with live camera input. On the video editing size he uses Lumafusion on the iPad.


Mark has been performing composed and improvised works for over 30+ years as a solo artist, in bands, and in various collaborations and ensembles.

He has been invited to perform at concerts and festivals around the country such as Electro-Music New York, Electro-Music Asheville (NC), Pacific Northwest Synthfest, The Art Institute of Sunnyvale California, and the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at the Georgia Tech School of Music.

Locally, he has had the honor of performing for the Buell Theater Balcony Series, City of Denver at SynSunday: Doors Open Denver, the Denver Central Library, the Boulder Dairy Arts Center, the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF], as a special guest with the CU Boulder Laptop Orchestra [BLOrk], at DU for the grand opening of the Emergent Digital Practices program’s Performance Black Box. As part of a group called the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble he has performed a music convocation for the Lamont School of Music, opened for the Denver International Noise Fest, and performed a pre-film concert for the big Halloween celebration at the SIE Denver Film Center.

Checkout some buzz from past shows.


Mark has produced and released 20+ musical recordings over the last 12 years.

He also produces live events such as two experimental music shows at the Diary Arts Center in Boulder. He also produced 120+ events as the founder and organizer of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet. As the founder and creative director, has produced multiple multimedia pop-up events for Synth Patrol.

Multimedia Industry Experimentalist, Technologist & Consultant

Mark has a passion for learning new things and experimenting with technology to achieve an artistic result.

As a Music Industry Consultant, Mark has done freelance consulting for clients such as Ableton, Recording Magazine, Percussa (makers of the AudioCubes).

As a Multimedia Industry Technologist, he developed 9 Box Method and Templates for Percussa AudioCubes. Part collaborative instrument, part interactive installation – the 9 Box allows up to four casual players to instantly make music and shape sound by manipulating blocks called Percussa AudioCubes. The 9 Box was implemented in some of the public STEM K-8 public schools (starting with the STEM LAB) as a platform for creation and learning. Mark was invited by the Bob Moog Foundation to bring the 9 Box to Asheville, NC where it was featured as one of the stations at the Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience for the big Mountain Skies Festival.

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