Mark Mosher Bio

Mark Mosher
Synthesist and Multimedia Artist

Mark Mosher is a Boulder-based Synthesist & Multimedia Artist. He has performed using synths for over 30 years. He is also known for his deep custom sound design work and real-time psychedelic visuals based on live camera input and use of alternative controllers such as AudioCubes. These days he mainly makes music with Ableton Live / Push 2 and Elektron gear.

His discography of 13 original electronic, experimental, and ambient music with cinematic arcs spans back 10 years and is available on Bandcamp. Since 2015 he has also been releasing music on the Sonic Encounters podcast.

In addition to performing solo he is also a member of the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble and founder of the Synth Patrol which is an improvisational multimedia performance troupe. He has done interactive installations for the City of Denver and the Bob Moog Foundation.

He has had the honor of being recognized in multiple Westword magazine “Best of Denver” editions.

To give back to the synth community Mark has been blogging on synth tech and technique since 2005 and have also written for Recording Magazine. Since 2012 he has hosted 90+ free events for the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet.