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New Photo Album and Notes On Social Media and “Home Turf Brand Equity”


I just started publishing pictures into a photo album off of one of my hosted accounts. There are some fun pics of me with gear and wearing swag in different locations.

I’ve posted some of these shots on various social media sites in the past and some shots are exclusive to this album.

Obviously, there are huge PR advantages to posting images and music on various social sites. However, don’t forget to re-post this information on your own web sites as well. Social sites come and go, so duplicating posts on your own sites means you won’t lose out if a site goes away. Also, posting on your own sites helps you build “home turf brand equity”.

By the way, I think I just coined a phrase :^).


Enjoy the pics. More to come…

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

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