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Percussa AudioCube Ambient Musique Concrète Improv June 2021

This morning I did a Skype interview and demo of Percussa AudioCubes for a big TV news outlet in Europe (more on this later).

In preparation for this I put together a musique concrète set I could use for the interview. Here is an excerpt from an improv I did last night.

It’s a bit hard to believe, but I realize I’ve been AudioCubes for over 10 years now for performance, studio work, and sound design. I’ve also done installations, and custom musical instruments for STEM schools 😀. As I’ve not done a post on them in a while below is an overview of what they’re and how they work.

AudioCubes Overview

AudioCubes they are a Wireless Patching Interface with custom high speed infrared sensors that allow for simultaneous optical distance measurement and communication. In other words they detect object proximity and light intensity,  as well as detect location, distance, and orientation of other cubes in the network. They also have full color LED’s that can respond to sensor input or be programmed through automation.

All this is info is transmitted via a custom high speed protocol in the 2.4GHz band (separately from other protocols such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) to a cube configured as a base cube which is connected to your computer.

You configure and route incoming sensor data via the MIDIBridge app so you can map to your DAW or instrument. I’m using Live 11 in this performance.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this brief video and overview of the AudioCubes.



By Mark Mosher

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