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Classic iOS Music Apps Samplr and Borderlands Granular Get Long-Awaited Updates + Jakob Haq Helps You Grok Borderlands Granular

Samplr, and Borderlands Granular are simply fantastic apps for making music with sample-based sources. Neither had been updated in quite some time so I’m happy to report that both have received updates.

Samplr Version 1.4.2

This is THE most used APP in my arsenal. Version 1.4.2 is the first update on Samplr since 2014. Here is what’s new:

  • Ableton Link support
  • Fixed audio recording and file import issues
  • Enhanced UI for new iPads
  • Improved MIDI Sync

You can download the app from here

There isn’t a video yet of new features but for those not familiar with Samplr here is a video which illustrates the Play Modes.

Learn more about the app here

Borderlands Granular 2.1

The Borderlands Granular update is HUGE. Here is what developer Chris Carlson says about it on the product web page.

NEW! Version 2.1 is available now on the as a free update for all existing users! While this is technically a “point” release, it is packed with a ton of new features, bugfixes, and improvements that I have been chipping away at for the past 5 years. Highlights include tempo synced grains via Ableton Link, waterfall-style input and sound on sound recording with an overdub control, semitone pitch tuning, a new ADSR option, proper scaling at all iPad resolutions, and artist presets from Electric Indigo, King Britt, Mikronesia, Tom Hall, and Cristian Vogel. There’s a lot more – please have a look at the changelog to see what’s new.

Here is an overview video.

You can download the app from this this link

Jakob Haq Video Helps You Grok Borderlands Granular and Offers Interview Snippets with Developer Chris Carlson

I have to admit while I’ve used Borderlands Granular on-and-off some parts of the app where just a mystery to me. Now thanks to 36 minute video Jakob Haq I grok it! The video also includes some audio interview segments by developer Chris Carlson.

The video reveals the scope of development for Borderlands Granular so if you want to support Chris’s work beyond the app purchase, or if you got this as a free update, go and click the “Buy Me a Coffee” link.

Also it’s clear Jakob put a lot of effort in this video and if you’d like to support him check out his Patreon page.

Here Is to Future Updates!

Now that both devs have popped the hood on these amazing apps I’m really hoping looking forward to future updates.


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