Below are photos and video from the June 20th Concréte Mixer II Solstice Concert in Denver.

Excerpt from My Set

First up is a video excerpt of my solo performance.

This is an excerpt from my set at Concréte mixer/solstice: an evening of solo and collaborative musique concrete.live concert at the Walnut Room in Denver, CO 6/21/2014.

In this section of the piece, I’m manipulating a large number of samples (field recordings and small snippets from random needle drops on vinyl from a wide variety old recordings) in real-time with morphing, live sequencing, and playing back samples in both chromatic and slots mode using an Elektron Octatrack. Visuals are real-time based on live camera input via Resolume.

Finale with All

Next is a video excerpt from the finale. Throughout the night, each performer and act did individuals sets. For the last song, all artists but one took the stage to do a no rules improv. In stage are from left to right Tom Murphy, Victoria Lundy, Charles De Graaf , David Britton, Rick Reid, me, and Thomas Lundy. The entire piece was around 10 minutes long. What I like about this section of the improv was that 4 of the artists were using vocal samples which created the din-like sound of a crowd, but with an interesting movement to it.Near the tail end of this video you can hear the copper heart which I’m sampling and turning into Octatrack instruments.



Lastly, I posted quite a few photos in a Flickr album of shots taken throughout the night.


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