Elektron OS Update and General Sysex Utility


Elektron synths use sysex for OS updates and data saves. I was poking around on their web site and found they had a handy utility for sending and receiving Sysex. they have windows and mac versions.

You can download the app here http://www.elektron.se/support-and-downloads.

I used it to upgrade my Analog Four to the current  OS 1.06 and it worked great.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Performer
Boulder, CO

3 thoughts on “Elektron OS Update and General Sysex Utility

  1. I don’t have an electron product (though I’d love a sid…). I’m using it as a quick back up for the Lumina & Motif sysex. Seems to be receiving both OK & it’s a lot faster than booting up cubase…
    Hopefully they’ll record our sets this year & play them on electro-music so you can hear them.
    Have a great vacation/summer/ It IS a good idea to take time off once in a while!

  2. Thanks for comment – fixed link.
    Yeah, going to miss you as well. I hope to hear a recording of your set.
    I hope to make it next year.
    Which Elektron boxes are you running>

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