My 100th Patch with Absynth – LFO Rotors

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I went on a bit of a synth “walk about” in the last year and mainly went deep with one synthesizer for programming from INIT – the mighty Absynth. Yesterday maked the 100th patch I’ve made with it.

This a sound design experiment using three samples as oscillator sources. Sample 1 is a recording I made of my daughter 10 years ago (I left the beeps in from the low budget digital recorder I used at the time). Sample 2 is crowd noise from a CU Basketball game. Sample 3 was made by resynthesizing a bell through an additive synth called Morphine which I then loaded into Absynth in granular mode.

I then turn down the volume on all oscillators and use LFO’s with square waves running in mono-mode and in series to modulate the OSC volumes. So the LFOs act as a gate shaped by the LFO waveform turning on the audio round-robin as the samples play out. I then modulate the LFO speed with a performance slider all the way up to audio rates as the piece progresses.
This is ALL absynth including effects (resonator with surround motion).

So thanks to Brian Clevinger for making Absynth (which will continue to be a main focus). Also thanks to John Bowen for showing me his Solaris Synth rotors a few weeks back when I was in Seattle for Pacific Northwest Synthfest which inspired the sound design concept behind this piece. You both have made amazing instruments!

Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Composer, Performer

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Hi, this is Mark Mosher. Welcome to my blog. I’m a synthesist, Composer, Producer, and Visualist living in Boulder CO. I’m also the founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol.

I’ve been blogging wince 2005 and this blog is a mix of posts on artistic news as well as synth tech & technique posts under the category Modulate This!

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