PPG WaveGenerator App Now Available + Show & Tell Videos by Wolfgang Palm


I’m a huge fan of Wolfgang Palm’s work and my favorite hardware synth, the Blofeld is based on PPG waveforms. After hearing that he was going to release an iPad app this week, I’ve been going to the store a few times a day waiting for the app to appear.

Well the wait is over and the new app is now available in the Apple Store here . He just released two videos showing how it works.

Watch Embedded Video

Watch Embedded Video


Electronic Musician, Boulder CO


  1. I had to getup at 4:30 am to fly to Electro-Music last Thursday. I was planning on sleeping on the flight but made the mistake of buying this app – doh! Spent the whole flight bringing pictures of my cats – lol.
    As you say, this app is great because it’s about getting unique harmonic content. This of course makes the sound personal.

  2. I’ve had so much fun with this app! Have you tried uploading a photo of your face over one of the waves, Mark? It’s amazing and you can’t get a more personal sound than that.

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