(Modulate This) Synth: Minitaur

Moog Releases Free Computer Editor Librarian for Minitaur Analog Synthesizer


From the coverage I saw of Winter NAMM 2012 this year, affordable analog synths were all the buzz. Specifically the Arturia MiniBrute and the MOOG Minitaur. While one knob per function is great, I was really disappointed to find that there was no on-board patch management on these synths. As a synthesist and performer that’s a show stopper for me as I don’t have time to dial in patch starting points  live and want a synth that does more than one function in show.

One of the videos that came out of NAMM, the Arturia demo person was asked about this and he said it wasn’t technically possible for their synth and he suggested using a smart phone to take a picture of the knobs :^( Knowing Moog has editors for their analog synths, I was optimistic that they’d release something eventually for Minitaur.

Back in February, I was in Atlanta competing in the Guthman Musical Instrument competition at Georgia Tech and got to meet and briefly chat with Moog’s Senior Engineer Cyril Lance. I asked him if they had an editor on the way, and he indicated they did, but didn’t really expand on when it would release. When I got back I did little searching and found nothing. 

Now with all the unboxing videos getting posted for Minitaur, I decided to look again, and I’m happy to report there is in fact a patch a FREE patch librarian and editor on

While I don’t have a Minitaur (yet), I did download the software on to my Windows 7 laptop. Here are some actual screen shots of the editor running on my system.




Got  Minitaur? If so report in on how all this works in comments below.

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