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AfroDJMac and Mark Mosher Zebra Attack Free Ableton Live Pack

I'm excited to announce I just finished a collaboration with NY artist AfroDJMac who's been "crushing it" by releasing an Ableton Live Pack every week for 37 weeks! It's week 38 and we collaborated on "AfroDJMac and Mark Mosher Zebra Attack [Ableton Live Rack #38]."  What a great honor to be part of his series.  

mm_fm_motion_linear_cropI used U-HE Zebra 2 to make original harmonic content from INIT. I ended up with a patch that generated 1 bar FM wave sequence. Each wave was created in real-time by modulating FM with a stepped LFO with each step at a 16thnote at 120bpm to accommodate slicing into a rack. I resampled, and then handed off the samples to AfroDJMac. He racked them up in Ableton Live's Sampler and created an entirely new performance instrument based on the harmonic content including the ability to select a wave or sweep through the wavetable with an LFO!

AfroDJMac did a very detailed post on the rack including some production notes and screen shots of my work. I’ll included the video below but direct you to his post for the details and the download links. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the rack :^) For more of my sound design work visit For more on AfroDJMac, see links at the bottom of this post.

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