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Modulate This Patch Lab News: Reorganization and Focus on Larger Sound Sets + New Micro Sites for UltraNova and Blofeld

I’m changing my strategy around patch releases resulting in a re-purposing and reorganization of the Patchlab microsite I started earlier this year.

After experimenting with offering different types of downloads, I’ve found that one-off free patches are nowhere near as popular as larger sound sets. I’m therefore focusing my energy on creation of larger sound sets. I’ll now be using the Patchlab microsite a one-stop catalog for past and future sound sets.

I moved the free one-off patches to a section  in the microsite called “Patch Stream” and from time-to-time I will add individual patches time permitting.

I’m also slowly working away on sound sets for the Waldorf Blofeld and Novation UltraNova. I’ve become quite fond of both these synths and want to be able to go on about them without swamping Modulate This! with these posts. I will still do occasional posts on these synths on the primary blog – you know posts on major firmware updates and such. 

If you want email notification for releases of sound sets, you can opt-in to the Modulate This Newsletter or subscribe to the feeds from one the microsites.

Swing by to check out these changes.

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