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Moog Music Filtatron Now Available in iTunes App Store


FYI – Moog Music’s Filtatron real-time audio filter and effects engine is now available in the app store for $4.99. It's Moog, it's affordable – kind of a no brainer :^)

CLICK HERE to see it on iTunes. Happy downloading.

Mark Mosher

5 replies on “Moog Music Filtatron Now Available in iTunes App Store”

Mark, sounds like you guys are touching on one of my questions. I haven’t been to the App Store yet, but the Filtatron web page doesn’t really say anything about how the iPhone gets connected to anything. I’ll be interested to hear how people are hooking it up to anything else, what’s working, and what’s not.


hmm… considering to buy this. but I have the same problem you have, these apps just don’t really work with my workflow… but I’m working on a homebrew audio in inerface, that might make this a little bit more useful!
The problem only is: the input of the iphone is mic only, so you’ll end up having quite a bit of noise until the signal comes out of the other side, due to reduction and subsquent amplification of the signal, add to it that the converters in the iphone are not really top-knotch…
but still since I have an iPhone anyway… makes it a little bit more useful… for the investment.


I just got it. I’ll be puttering around with it. So far it’s cool. I just totally crunched up a sample and managed to get it back to my computer :^). My big issue with most mobile apps is I can’t get them integrated into my workflow so this first test was encouraging. It has a pretty incredible set of effects. More when i get a little further along…


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