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Awesome 1976 Video of Gary Wright Performing “Dream Weaver”

I just installed the new iTunes8. It has a new feature called Genius Playlist (which I blogged about here).  I was flipping through my library and accidentally clicked on an old Alan Parson project tune. While I’m very much into modern electronica, I do have a small collection of  Prog Rock :^).

The Genius Bar recommended Gary Wright’s "Dream Weaver". I thought to myself, man, that’s such a classic synth song and I hadn’t heard it in a long, long time.

Just for fun, I Googled the song on YouTube and found this fantastic video of the live version of Dreamweaver from a 1976 episode of Burt Sugarmans Midnight Special.

This performance is fantastic in that they perform live without backing tracks. Just a handful of people covering all the parts. No backing tracks, or pitch correction here. Just Gary Wright  playing some keys and belting out the song into an SM58 mic.

Here is a video of  the same song performed live last year. The guy can definitely still sing!

I love YouTube. No seriously. I love YouTube.

In closing, if you want to more about this song, there is a Wikipedia entry here.

Mark Mosher

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