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Celemony’s Direct Note Access Pitch Correction for Melodyne 2 Lets You Edit Notes Within Chords

Watch a video and learn about new mind blowing fetures of Direct Note Access (DNA) within Melodyne 2.

View video on YouTube:

Celemony’s Melodyne is an established tool for pitch shifting, time stretching, correcting the intonation and timing of singing, audio quantization, producing harmonies, and remixing and restructuring the melody, tempo or timing of existing recordings.

The video above shows a technology preview of their new Direct Note Access (DNA) which will allow you to access and edit individual notes in polyphonic audio material!!! The demo is pretty mind blowing.

Applications for this sort of technology are:

  • Edit individual notes within polyphonic material
  • Reshaping harmonies and rhythms
  • Tune a guitar after recording
  • Correct harmony vocals that are out of tune, or fix their timing
  • Turn major chords to minor (and vice versa)
  • Switch tone scales
  • Mute single notes
  • Remix volume levels after a performance has been recorded

This feature set will be available with Melodyne 2 which is due out in the Fall of 2008. According to their webiste, "The full version will cost US$399 (349 Euro); the update from Version 1 will cost US$129 (129 Euro). Customers purchasing Melodyne plugin after the 12th March 2008 will receive the update free of charge.

More info:

Mark Mosher

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