Nine Inch Nails (NIN): GHOSTS I-IV Now Available


Nine Inch Nails has released Ghosts I – IV, a collection of  36 track instrumental Tracks. The collection contains "almost two hours of new music composed and recorded over a ten week period last fall".

NIN is using an interesting pricing model:

  • A free download of Ghosts I (the first 9 tracks)
  • $5 download of Ghosts I – IV (all 36 tracks)
  • $10 2xCD set
  • $75 Deluxe Edition Package are available.

All files appear to be DRM free!

According to the FAQ page for the Ghosts I-IV, the songs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License. There is a teaser on this page about an "exciting partnership experience".


Go to for more information.

Mark Mosher

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