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M-Audio Trigger Finger Tutorial & Enigma Preset for FL Studio FPC


None of the default Trigger Finger mappings work with FL Studio's FPC. I've created a preset that works with FPC using the Enigma Editor.  In this article I'll show you how to download my Enigma bank then copy the preset for FPC into one of your Enigma banks.

The article is rather long, read on, and feel free to comment with your own tips…

Caution: Always backup your Trigger Finger and save copies of your Enigma Files prior loading new banks/dumping banks using the Enigma Editor.

Step 1 – Configure FL Studio to work with the Trigger Finger
Follow M-audio's setup instructions for installing drivers. In FL Studio use menu "Options->Midi" enable the Trigger Finger as shown below.

Step 2 – Download the Enigma bank
Right-click on the following link and "save as" to your local system: Newecho_TriggerFinger_FLStudio_FPC_001.xml

Step 3 – Load the bank into Enigma
In Enigma, use the menu "File->Load". Then load the program you just downloaded "Newecho_TriggerFinger_FLStudio_FPC_001.xml"

Step 4 – Select the bank, find the preset, and copy to one of your banks
Enigma_triggerfinger_fpc_8aTo create this bank, I started with the default Trigger Finger Bank and replaced preset "8 Waldorf Attack" with my preset "FL Studio FPC"

You can copy this preset to any bank by selecting it, then using menu "Edit->Copy". Then go to one of your banks and select a preset you want to replace then use menu "Edit->Paste".





Step 5 – Select Your Bank and Send Current Bank to Device

Caution, this step will overwrite your current bank so backup using Enigma. When you are ready to send your bank to the Trigger Finger, hit this button.

Step 6 – Start FL Studio & Insert an FPC


Step 7 – Select the patch on the Trigger Finger
If you placed the patch in Preset 8, you can select using the pads on the Trigger Finger. Click "Memory Recall", then hit Pad 8.


Step 8 – Pound on the pads!
There is now a one-to-one correspondence between the pads on the Trigger Finger and FPC. Strike a pad, and you should hear the associated sample.

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