– great web host for musicians now offers unlimited addon domains! Web Hosting $6.95

There are so many ways to take your music and webmarketing online these days. This post is for those do-it-yourselfers who build and host their own sites, or are looking to do so in the near future and are looking for a new host.

Being a digital musician and producer, when I was hunting for hosting companies to host my various ventures I wanted a host that offered lots of storage, bandwidth, Fantastico (automates the installation of web applications), PHP, My SQL, eCommerce, many email accounts, spam filters, and most importantly the ability to host more than one domain per account. Of course I wanted all this for cheap :^).

Almost two years ago, I went with who gives offers all this for $6.95 a month for a 24 month signup, or $7.95 a month for a 12 month signup.

Since I’ve gone with Bluehost, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by multiple resource upgrades at no charge. For example,  they recently upgraded customers to 300 GB of storage, 3,000 GB of Bandwidth. They also offer fantastic support via email, live chat, and get this – by phone (gasp!).

One of the biggest features that drew me to them was the ability to host multiple domains names from one account and manage all these domains from one unified dashboard. Until recently you could host 5 domains from one account which is pretty fantastic for the price. Check this out though – they recently announced that from one account you can host an UNLIMITED number of domains!!!!!! The price is the same!!!!

So, if you are looking for reliable host, a huge amount of resources, and want to host a lot of domains
simply rocks.

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