Photos and Video from my Synth Concert for Buell Theater Balcony Set Nov 12, 2012

I played the Art + Music Balcony series for the city of Denver last Friday (Nov 12, 2021). It was such an amazing night. Thanks to all those who came out.

Big thanks the Rudi and Peter from the city who invited me and made me feel most welcome. And a big shout out to EJ from the Denver Convention Center and the Buell who brought, setup, and tuned a great PA for this event. Just check out the GoPro audio in the first clip. Boom! Also thanks to Sharon Feder and Dallas Parkins for their amazing paintings and photographs.

It was such an cathartic and amazing experience to actually be able to play a show to a live audience again. Cheers to the City for finding a clever way to play outside in the open air in November and for having good COVID protocols so artists and audiences can enjoy shows again.

Below are some videos and pictures from the show. Below that, I’ll repost some other info from this event so this post has context and can stand-alone.

Live Performance Videos & Pics

First up as a 1 minute clip shot in 4K with two GoPros with Live audio from a GoPro. In this clip I’m playing the song “Gonna Rise Up” from the album Fear Cannot Save Us which can stream from here from your fav service. This album was part of my Alien Invasion trilogy.

About the Event and Venue

Art + Music Balcony Series

In partnership with Denver Arts Week, Denver Arts & Venues invites you to the opening reception of HERE again STILL, an exhibition featuring the works of artists Sharon Feder and Dallas Parkins. This FREE opening exhibition will feature a special live performance by local synthesist, electronic musician, and multimedia artist Mark Mosher.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

In the part 1 video I take you on a tour of the venue plus interview Peter Dearth who is the Programming Coordinator for Denver Arts & Venues , City and County of Denver.

In part 2 I start off with an interview with Rudi Cerri, Public Art Administrator, Arts & Venues for the City of Denver who talks about the concept of the exhibition. This is followed by an interview with painter Sharon Feder and fine arts photographer Dallas Parkins who’s art will on display in the Buell.


Here are some photos of the venue.

Computerless Show Rig

In the spirit of my good friend and mentor, the late Dino J.A. Deane, I spent a number of weeks working on a 1-trip from the car fast setup live performance platform. Dino often wrote an awful lot about “traveling with electronics” on his blog so he was on my mind as I designed this rig.

Deluge, Digitone and iPad make the cut with lots of controllers, most of which can control anything in the rig, connected with a powered USB hub to the iPad. Under the Launchpad Mini is a Focusrite Scarlet 4i4 audio interface so I have 4 in and 4 out + Midi in and out through the iPad which in addition to hosting synths is my master FX signal chain.

This event was my first flight with this rig and it worked so well!


Thanks for stopping by my blog and supporting indie artists. I’ll probably put together some more clips from this performance so if you want to get notified when I post these or other artist info, subscribe below.



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