(Modulate This) Photo Journal Synth: Largo

Photo Journaling for Electronic Music Artists

I’ve been a bit “heads down” working on all sorts of fun music projects over the last month and half and of course learning lots of new things along the way. As I work away, I always take a moment to shoot photos.

I wanted to recommend this form of journaling for two reasons. First, it’s pretty cool to look back to remember what you were up to. Second, pictures like these can come in handy for your artist PR work.

To this end, I’ve been enjoying Flickr for sharing pictures in a photo stream. It makes it easy to share these pictures out, get social, and discover other pictures. The other nice thing is that if you tweet or post to facebook using your Flickr link, people can see the picture on apps like Tweetdeck via built-in viewers.

Here are some pics from the last month or so…more on my Flickr Photostream (along with some random pics of hanging about in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado).

Interludes for Theremin and Blofeld.

Rehearsing with Percussa AudioCubes.


Sound design with Waldorf largo. Using Image-Line’s WaveCandy to help see the results of the “shaper” filter drive.

Another shot of my rig in front of video projectsions
Picture of my rig just before my performance/talk at the grand opening of University of Denver’s Electronic Media Arts & Design performance space C-Cubed.


Creating hand-crafted wavetables (not samples) for Waldorf Blofeld using additive synthesis.


Waveform created with Waldorf Largo by modulating 6 stage chorus depth and speed with Live automation. I’m writing an entire song around this sound.

Driving 3 synths and a drum track in NanoStudio on an iPhone using MIDI Mobilizer via Tenori-On.

Got some cool pictures? Add me as a contact on

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

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