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Notes on ElectraX Manual & FM Synthesis

I continue to dig deeper into Tone2’s ElectraX. The manual wasn’t available till the final release so I’ve just started reading it. Tone2 went above and beyond simply documenting functionality and have added nice practical How-To notes on usage. For example, they discuss the relationship of the INTERval oscillator parameter as it relates to FM Synthesis.


Speaking of FM Synthesis – I love the straight forward implementation. In the screenshot below (click to enlarge), you’ll see that:

  1. I’m using the FM parameter to send FM signal to modulate Oscillator 2. Each has a different waveform.  I’ve turned down the volume of OSC 1 so I only hear the FM result.
  2. I’m using LFO1 to modulate fine pitch with a random algorithm. Since I turned down the volume of OSC1, it instead changes the character of the FM harmonics rather than pitch.
  3. With LFO2 I’m modulating PW which is pulse width. this makes a more subtle timbre shift that is out of sync with LFO1.

This interface really simplifies using FM to add character.

ElectraX FM Experiment01 by MarkMosher

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