Image-Line Harmless FREE Presets

On this “Page” I’ll be posting Royalty Free presets I’ve developed for Image-Line’s Harmless synth.

This means you are free to use these in your own compositions. You are not allowed to use these presets in sound libraries. These presets were programed from scratch from an “init” or “default” state.

MODULATE THIS 01 – Presets for Image-Line Harmless

This library contains 12 sounds that show off the harmonic range of Harmless. Make sure you try using notes across the whole spectrum of the keyboard and use velocity, MOD Wheel and aftertouch.

Demo Video:

Installation VST Version (.fxp)

  • Download this zip file
  • Extract the contents of the zip into the folder containing Harmless presets. This should be something like
    C:Program FilesImage-LineIL HarmlessPresets.

All presets should then be in a sub-folder called ModulateThis 01

  • Open Harmless in your host application then “Select preset” bottom right.
  1. You’ll then see the 12 presets under the heading ModulateThis 01

Installation Fl Studio Version (.fst)

  • Download
  • Unzip to C:Program FilesImage-LineFL Studio 9DataPatchesPlugin presetsGeneratorsHarmless
  • All presets should then be in a sub-folder called ModulateThis 01
  • You can now see presets in the FL Studio Browser.

Preset Notes

CrystalsBell/PercussionVery bright crystal bell sound. Play notes or like a bell tree.
Dark ChimesBell/PercussionDark and twisted metalic chime sounds.
Dark HammerKeyboardBig ambient hammer strikes on out of tune piano strings. There is a DX7 quality to this preset.
Deep Space PadPadBig motion pad
Electrton FlowPadFX Pad with huge bottom
Galactic SignalsFXSweeping pad sound
Nasty Bottom Nice TopLeadUpper octaves have a sweet analog sound, bottom octaves have a metalic harsh organ sound
PulseLeadMetalic pulse lead with some motion
Space OrganKeyboardOrgan with LFO and filter sweep
The KrelFXCan you say “Forbidden Planet”?
Velo Digi BassBassBIG and buzzy bass with nice sub-harmonics
Wet BassBassHuge, warm, wet bass

Have fun, and if you use these presets in a song, drop a comment here so we can check out your work!

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

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Hi, this is Mark Mosher. Welcome to my blog. I’m a synthesist, Composer, Producer, and Visualist living in Boulder CO. I’m also the founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol.

I’ve been blogging wince 2005 and this blog is a mix of posts on artistic news as well as synth tech & technique posts under the category Modulate This!

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15 responses to “Image-Line Harmless FREE Presets”

  1. Hi Al,
    Your most welcome. Glad your enjoying them and they are working on your PC. They were a lot of fun to create. I like the synth a lot so as I go along I’m creating more presets. Somewhere down the road I’ll release the best of the batch.
    I agree, Harmless was a no brainer purchase.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. Thank you for the FL studio preset version. I like them a lot! They’re also low cpu enough that I can use them in my underpowered pc. They are very creative. With that set your own price Harmless was a no-brainer.


  3. Thanks for you kind words about Modulate This! Much appreciated.
    Don’t feel bad that your not getting it right away. The magic of this synth is how filter+phaser+harmonizer+additive mask together – but it may tak you a few tries till it makes sense. Walk thought the tutorials and keep experimenting.
    So the tutorials are in C:Program FilesImage-LineIL Harmless in the Harmless help file.
    The good news is you can use presets for now and grow into this synth much quicker than any other additive synth out there.


  4. Thanks mark, I do enjoy the presets, maybe because I’m a noob on this type of synths I’m having some trouble getting the sound I want, but as soon as I get some cool presets I’ll be happy to share them with you! (thanks I havent noticed the tutorials only the basic controls, that is helping a lot)
    Also I make this comment longer just to tell you I’m a big fan of your website, keep up the work! 🙂


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