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I’m Performing Friday June 20th, 9PM at Walnut Room in Denver: Concréte Mixer/Solstice: an evening of solo and collaborative musique concrete

I’ll be performing Friday night in Denver… The Walnut Room in Denver is hosting seven artists presenting an evening of acoustic, analog electronic and digital noises, sound effects and tonal music inspired by the musique concréte form and philosophy. As it falls on June 20, this edition is celebrating the summer solstice; there will be […]

Asheville Concert Events Show Journal

Show Journal & Photos from Electro-Music Asheville 2014 Festival

I had a fantastic time attending and performing at the Electro-Music Asheville Festival 2014. Click here to view an album of al the photos I posted to flickr. Read on for a for notes on the fest with select photos from this photo album. Thursday May 15th On Thursday I fly from Boulder to Charlotte […]

Show Reports

Photos from the Concréte Mixer Show

We had a great show and good turnout with an enthusiastic crowd :^) Here are a few photos. First up, here is a shot of me playing my solo piece on the Octatrack sampler while simultaneously mixing visuals with live camera input. In the next shot I’m manipulating the visuals using a Livid Base controller.

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Concréte Mixer: An evening of solo and collaborative musique concréte in Denver Jan 25th 9PM at the Walnut Room

I’ll be performing in a very interesting experimental music concert later this month. Instead of playing my composed electronica songs, I’ll  doing some very unique collaborative pieces where I capture, shape, and perform with audio from other artists performing live. This includes a performance with a copper heart played with dry ice (see video below). […]