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New Music Monday: Thereminist May Roosevelt’s “Haunted” Album


According to May Roosevelt – “IT IS TIME FOR THE DEAD TO HAVE A WORD WITH THE LIVING” and she delivers through her album Haunted. Her web site describes the album:

"Haunted": The Strange Musical Case of May Roosevelt

May Roosevelt's new album "Haunted" opens doors to phantoms of the past. The work's eight musical compositions are supernatural entities of modern technology that hover in the air, bursting open the chest of rustic tradition only to be transformed into rhythms of Greek dances.

Following "Panda, a story about love and fear", composer and thereminist May Roosevelt uncovers a dark and reclusive universe defined by motion and dance. "Haunted" starts with the zeibekiko dance rhythm in 'The Unicorn Died', which was composed and presented for the first time in London at the Red Bull Music Academy in February 2010. The original idea evolved through an intense speculation about the place held by traditional Greek rhythms in the canon of Greek electronic music. This exploration subsequently led to the creative transformation of eight different Greek dances presented in "Haunted".

The Theremin, a very complex instrument yet absolutely submissive to the hands of May Roosevelt, was used to create a plethora of curious sounds ranging from wind and stringed instruments to an imitation of human voice. The Theremin's unique sound also shifted from a bagpipe (in 'Oomph') to a Pontic Lyre (in 'Mass Extermination'), and from a clarinet (in 'Vow') into a violin (in 'Dark the Night'). Through the use of electronic beats to form each rhythm alongside synthesizers and vocals, May Roosevelt attempts to embed anew Greek musical idioms within contemporary music while retaining all their respectable characteristics.

The title "Haunted" – inspired by the idea of hauntology, introduced by French philosopher Jacques Derrida – defines the concept and underscores the character of the compositions: The phantoms of the past and the spirit of future, mingled, haunt the music of May Roosevelt.

Here is two videos from her Vimeo channel featuring songs from the album to give taste.

If you like instrumental electronic music and you love theremin you are sure to enjoy this excellent album! I’m on my third listen already! Haunted indeed.



Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

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New Music Monday: “History of Modern” by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark


This album released in September but I missed it so I thought I’d do a post on it in case you missed it as well.

History of Modern is Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark’s (OMD) 11th studio album and their first studio album in 15 years. It features the original “classic 4 piece lineup” of founding members Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys along with Malcolm Holmes and Martin Cooper.

I’ve been listening to OMD since the beginning and was a huge fan of their early albums such as Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1980), Organisation (1980), and Architecture & Morality (1981). When I was a baby synthesist I cut my teeth sequencing covers of a few OMD songs (along with other seminal synth bands like Gary Numan, DEVO, and Kraftwerk) – so I was quite excited to learn of this new release.

IMHO this is some of their best work. It’s definitely not simply a nostalgia retread. The album has solid songwriting, interesting production with a nod to their iconic sound, and some new surprises like the more dance floor oriented track “Pulse”. It’s definitely worth a listen.

They’ve produced a few videos to support the album as well.  Here is  a video of “If You Want

By the way, OMD is currently touring North America. I’ll include a tour link below. Here are some videos I dug up on YouTube of recent live performances.

View embedded video of “Sister Marie Says”

View embedded video of “History of Modern Pt 1”.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

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New Music Monday: Glenn Main – Arctic Treasures


I just got a copy of Glenn Main’s (aka Glenn, aka Glenn Henriksen) new album Arctic Treasures. This is Glenn’s third, and I think his best work to date and I’m really enjoying it. You can preview tracks and buy MP3 versions here. I’ll provide links to other stores at the bottom of the post.

I got to meet and spend a lot of time with Glenn earlier this year at Electro-Music 2010. Glenn is one of those instantly likeable guys with  a lot of positive energy, super fun to jam with, and is a great performer. He’s also one of the few people IMHO who can still pull off playing a keytar!

I think the recent review of Arctic Treasures on describes Glenn’s music and new album well:

I know Glenn is probably tired of being compared to Jarre by now, but while the comparison isn't far fetched, there's also a unique "Glenn" style to the music. Most tracks are bouncier and more poppy than the average Jarre track, which is something I feel often is missing in this kind of music.

Glenn doesn’t have any video up yet related to the new album so I’ve included this live performance video from the Electronic Secrets album to give you a sense for his live show.

View embedded video

Glenn–Electronic Secret Part 10



Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO