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Cakewalk Launches Windows Vista Resource Page


Cakewalk has posted a Windows Vista Musicians Resource page. This page is not just for Cakewalk users as it contains a lot of general information on Vista specific to musicians. Information like:

  • Differences between Vista versions
  • Information on Vista as a platform for musicians
  • Benefits of 64-Bit Vista
  • A list of Vista news that relates to musicians
  • Links to Vista Drivers for sound cards and more..

Check out the page here –

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Novation ReMOTE SL and Windows Vista Drivers


I just verified with Novation support that ReMOTE SL drivers are compatible with the Windows XP SP2, XP X64, Vista and Vista X64.  According to support, the drivers have not yet passed Windows logo testing, so for those using Vista X64, hold down F8 during startup to disable driver signing. They indicated that logo testing should occur within the next few weeks.

To learn more about remote SL controllers visit –

If you’re looking to buy one of these controllers, check out the deals that Musicians Friend.

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Two announcements from Ableton – live 6 on vista and 6.0.5 update

(March 4, 2007 – Article update: Ableton has done more testing. They report that 6.0

– The drawing of the status bar in the Splash screen does not work  properly

Ableton has released information on compatibility of Ableton Live 6 on Windows Vista. They also have announced a new update for all platforms.

According to a recent announcement on Ableton’s forum,  version 6.0.3 will run on does so with some limitations such as:

  • Starting Live 6.0.3 will temporarily disable the AERO Glass
  • The drawing of the status bar in the Splash screen does not work properly
  • First time decoding an MP3 (or similar) file requires administrator rights

For a full list of the limitations click here.

More importantly though, Ableton has announced a new update, version 6.0.5, which not only has minor bug fixes but also includes some fixes to address Vista compatibility.  Some improvements listed are:

  • Improved the ‘Best’ interpolation setting of the Sampler instrument.
  • Starting Live on Windows Vista would not longer disable AERO Glass.
  • More

So whether you are on Windows XP, Mac, or Windows Vista, I recommend you download the latest update here.

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SONAR 6 Fast Forward Tour – Windows Vista Features for Musicians


Thinking about buying or upgrading to Sonar 6? Here is a chance to see it first hand. Cakewalk announced a multi-city tour to "spread the word that SONAR 6 will be ready for Windows Vista, coming in 2007." The announcement including a list of cities and dates is here.

This tour is sponsored by Microsoft and indicates what Microsoft believes to be the key features in Windows Vista that would appeal to digital music enthusiasts.

With a completely re-designed audio infrastructure that provides
better sound quality, greater processing resources, increased
performance and reliability, and an overall heightened user experience,
Windows Vista sets a new standard of excellence for the audio &
music creativity experience on the PC.

  • New prioritization of audio/video streaming for seamless, glitch-resilient playback experience.
  • Integrated support for SONAR’s 64-bit audio engine for unprecedented sound quality and fidelity.
  • New UAA driver class for simpler installation of audio interfaces into the Windows environment.
  • 64-bit editions with extended RAM access (128 GB) that enable
    larger and more realistic sample content, lower latencies, and a more
    responsive mix environment with SONAR 6