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U-HE ACE TIP: How to Modulate The Filter with an Envelope

 U-HE ACE is my favorate analog modeled virtual synth and once you “grok”” the cabling you can do amazing things with it. If you find the cabling confusing, checkout my video from last year “U-HE ACE Tutorial: Patch Cables 101” which I’m happy to report is closing in on 12,000 views. Via a YouTube I […]

(Modulate This) Synth: u-he ACE

U-HE ACE TIP: Pulse Width Modulation Basics

After watching my YouTube video “u-he ACE Tutorial: Patch Cables 101”, I had a viewer ask “How can i modulate the pulse width of the osciliator?”, so I thought I’d do a quick answer here in text form. Click the image above to see a larger version of the synth. Annotation numbers in diagram match […]

(Modulate This) Synth: u-he ACE Video Tutorials

u-he ACE Video Tutorial: Patch Cables 101

Click here to watch embedded video I’ve been working a lot with u-he’s ACE modular synthesizer which recently released. It’s quite fantastic and made my recent Best of 2009 Electronic Music Tech list. ACE has a very nice clean and simple user interface where almost all programming is done on one page. To program ACE […]