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Happy Electronic Music Halloween 2010

A few electronic music links for your Halloween. Electro-Music Live Streaming Spook-A-Thon Live right now – Electro-Music’s Live Streaming Spook-A-Thon – Inferno Sound Design Cues Mark Mosher Sound Design Teaser from Inferno Haunted House 2003 Watch embedded video In 2003, I was the sound designer for the theatrical haunted house Inferno in Colorado Springs. […]

(Mark Mosher Music News) Ableton Live TBT

The Making of The Techno Single “They Walk Among Us” Using Ableton Live + VSTs

In this epic post I’m going to share some behind the scenes notes on what it took to compose the song “They Walk Among Us” from the 2009 electronic music sci-fi themes album REBOOT. If you have any friends who think that all us electronic musicians do is just drop canned loops and hit buttons, […]