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Modulate This! Turns 14

Modulate This! turned 14 on October 1st 2019. Yes that’s right, I started blogging on synth tech & technique way back in 2005.

Around 2010 I started an artist blog where I did posts on upcoming shows, releases, photos and videos of past shows, and talked about the live performance scene in Boulder, Denver, and around the US.

In January of 2019 I made a move to simplify, streamline and reduce cost and I merged both blogs into where I continue to blog on both artist news and synth technique.

You can continue to read past and upcoming posts on synth tech & technique on the “modulate-this” s category he

You can also reach the Modulate This! specific articles via the main nav.

Check out the archives here and a list of categories here.


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Here is To Another Year!

I have a lots of ideas on new topics to cover and I’m also excited to report on the Denver / Boulder synthesizer scene (which is exploding) as well as spread the news about some cool projects by my synth friends.

Mark Mosher
Experimental Musician and Multimedia Artist
Boulder, CO

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(Modulate This) Announcements

Modulate This! Turns 7


Hello my synth and sound design friends. We’ve been hanging out and talking synths for 7 years! That's pretty incredible when you stop to think about it! Here is to another great year!

Talk soon…

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder CO