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Propellerhead Reason 4 Sneak Peek & Call for Beta Testers


Propellerhead software has posted a sneak peek web tour of Reason 4 features. If you want to get your hands on it early, note that they are looking for beta testers.

Below is a a summary of new features which I should point out includes a re-design of their sequencer which now supports clips!

  • Thor Polyphonic Synthesizer – "six different oscillator types and four unique
    filters. What does this give you? Simply the most powerful synth ever
    created; an unstoppable monster of a sound generator that utilizes
    synthesizer technology from the last 40 years." Sound samples are included on the site.
  • RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator – "a brand new unit dedicated to the art of
    arpeggiation…a wide range of on-panel controls
    and mode selectors, a pattern section for muting selected notes in an
    arpeggio and a large display showing values and positions, this device
    gives you full creative control over your arpeggios."
  • ReGroove Mixer – "Want your music to sound less rigid, less
    programmed? Need your drums to move and groove as if played live by
    actual musicians? If you want your tracks to flow with that loose, yet
    tight feel, a regular shuffle control just doesn’t cut it. That’s why
    we created the ReGroove mixer, Reason’s own realtime groove management
  • Re-designed Sequencer"With a whole new look, a ton of fresh features
    and a completely new way of handling sequencer data, the Reason
    sequencer has matured… A sequencer device or instrument
    now gets its own dedicated track, with separate lanes for note,
    performance and automation data, opting for a better overview and less
    clutter. All sequencer data – notes, automation, the works – is now
    housed in clips, musical building blocks that can be opened, sliced or
    moved. When a clip is moved to a new location, all its internal data
    follows right along with it, always ending up exactly where you
    intended it to. For safe, speedy sequencing."
  • Localized and will be available in English, French, German or Japanese.
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Checkout Propellerhead Software’s YouTube Channel


Propellerhead software (makers of Reason and ReCycle) has a YouTube channel. The channel has some interesting videos of their software in use – .

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Three New Free Propellerhead Reason Refills – RB-3-3, XSynth FX, CombiString Ensemble


Propellerhead has released three new FREE refills for reason:

  • RB-303 ReFill by Peff
  • XSynth FX by Michael Kastrup
  • CombiString Ensemble & Ensemble Effect by Robert Sigmuntowski

Check them out at the Free Refilll section of the Propellerhead site.

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Propellerhead Software Announces Worldwide Producer Conferences


The makers of Propellerhead Reason have announced a series of Producers Conferences taking place worldwide. These conferences offer a broad set of creative
clinics and interactive classes for computer musicians conducted by "top artists and producers".

The schedule below was posted on and contains the lineup for the Los Angeles conference. Use this link as the other conferences get closer to check on lineups in your area.

April 21 – Los Angeles, USA

Confirmed lecturers and artists:

  • Chris Petti – Rewire w/ Reason
  • James Bernard – Cool tips and tricks (TBD)
  • DJ Babu – Hip Hop Beat Making
  • Peff – Modular Patching Tutorial
  • Richard Devine [Sound Design / Business]
  • Producer Review QA with Mocean Worker/Arabian Prince

May 2 – Copenhagen, Denmark Details TBA

May 7 – Guilford, UK Details TBA

May 8 – Manchester, UK Details TBA

May 10 – Ireland Site & details TBA

June 6 – Hamburg, Germany Details TBA

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Garritan Personal Orchestra instrument library will be available for Propellerhead Reason


Garritan has
announced that a special light version of the Garritan Personal
Orchestra instrument library will be available for the Propellerhead

According to Garritan  "The library is a Reason Refill sample based instrument
library for all versions of Propellerhead’s Reason, and includes over
180 instrument patches for the Garritan Personal Orchestra instrument

More details here…