$49 Yard Sale on Image-Line Plugins Till August 31st

Image line is having a yard sale. The following plugins are $49 till August 31st. Bold indicates plugins I used in my last two albums. Hyperlink links to a Modulate This post/category for the product. Drumaxx Maximus Sakura Morphine Toxic Biohazard PoiZone Slicex Sawer Gross Beat Sytrus DirectWave Hardcore Harmless Ogun Vocodex Juice Pack (I... Continue Reading →

Image Line Announces Updates for Morphine, PoiZone, and Toxic Biohazard Virtual Synthesizers

  Image Line just announced a series of minor updates to their core line of virtual synthesizers. Morphine 1.4.2 released - fixed crashes/freezes when closing plugin in OSX - fixed threading in Windows version - fixed compatibility with the Toxic Biohazard installer in OSX - better tablet pc / stylus support - fixed polyphony issues... Continue Reading →

Just a reminder Synth Sale Ends the 15th – Get sytrus, Toxic BiHazard, Poizone, Morphine and more for 40% off

Only a few days left. I've been playing with Morphine and Toxic BioHazard and will be picking them both up. BioHazard is especially cool. Sytrus $179 $109 (-$70)  DirectWave $99 $59 (-$40)  Toxic BioHazard $99 $59 (-$40)  Poizone 2 $79 $49 (-$30)  JuicePack $99 $59 (-$40)  EZGenerator $129 $79 (-$50)  Morphine $159 $95 (-$60)  Maximus... Continue Reading →

Image Line Music Plugin yard sale – 40% off Deckadance, Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard, Morhpine, Poizone…

Every few years, Image Line (the makers of FL Studio) has a "yardsale" and offers huge discounts on plugins. The last time they had a sale this big was 2 years ago. Save 40% off the following items. Note, if you've never purchased from image line before you can save an additional 10% off with... Continue Reading →

Makers of FL Studio Release Poizone Subtractive Synth – Save 10%

Image-Line, the creators of FL Studio have announced a new software synthesizer called Poizone. Poizone is a subtractive synthesizer (click image above to see full resolution snapshot) and according to Image-Line is "designed to bring you professional quality results, without a learning curve that hinders your creativity. The concept behind PoiZone was to design a... Continue Reading →

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