(Modulate This) AudioCubes

Percussa Updates MIDIBridge App to Support 16 AudioCubes


Percussa continues it's excellent customer support with another free update to MIDIBridge. The big featue in this update is the app now supports up to 16 AudioCubes up from 4 of the original version! Patches from previous versions will load just fine and simply load parameters for the first 4 cubes.

They also implemented one of my requests to add a modal dialog that pops up when you try to shut-down MIDIBridge. This prevents accidentally shut-downs during live performance.


Earlier this year Percussa upgraded the app to support:

  • “Solo” buttons on "sensor" cube faces. Soloing allows you to “send the distance info as a MIDI control change only for the selected cube face. This is handy if you want to quickly MIDI-map a cube face to an effect parameter in Ableton Live for example.”
  • Fixes which improve cube "state" recognition after patch loads – again speeding up configuration work.
  • Cube color is now saved with the preset for relevant modes.