Outpost: Airlock – A Free Zebralette & Zebra 2 Soundset

Join Newsletter and Get Notified of Future Releases Download April 16, 2014 update: The outpost has been offline for some time (long story about server moves and such), but it's back! Click here to download a zip file containg the patches. About "OUTPOST: AIRLOCK" is a free soundset made up of patches for U-HE's free... Continue Reading →

Your Modulate This Holiday Gift is Ready – “Sounds From a Distant Outpost” Ableton Live Pack Plus Samples

 Update: I'm updating this soundset so it is currenlty offline. I'm very excited to announce that your FREE holiday gift is now ready for download! It is an Ableton Live Pack called Sounds from a Distant Outpost. Sounds From a Distant Outpost is more than a sample sound library. Over 30 hours in the making,... Continue Reading →

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